Dice & Diapers!

Recently, Julie and I started “knit & blog night”. She knits, and I blog. We both set aside an evening to do our separate hobbies together.

Despite blogging every week, I have gone silent here on my blog because I started a new blog called Dice & Diapers: a RPG & Daddy blog.

I have written more about RPGs here on this blog in the past. I have written less about parenting as I have been trying to find the line between sharing my experience as a parent without getting too much into my daughter’s life. I think I found that balance.

I considered just posting here, but I wanted to more clearly distinguish the content. This blog isn’t really about anything in particular: in fact, I suspect that my readership is mostly people who know me personally and random hits on keywords from search engines.

With Dice & Diapers, though, I wanted to more clearly define the purpose and scope of that blog for those interested in what I think is a real niche.

Going forward, my plan is to cross-post a link to this blog for every post on Dice & Diapers. That way, readers here can find all of the content without looking too hard.

For now, I’m already 6 blog posts deep. Hopefully it’s clear which posts are about parenting and which are about RPGs, so read what’s interesting to you!

  1. This Blog’s Backstory
  2. The Minimum Acceptable Session Length
  3. 3 Stages of Watching Family Movies
  4. GMing Without Devices
  5. Should I “Old Enough!” My Toddler?
  6. How to Start Without Session Zero

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