Board Game Chooser

Find a board game for any occasion with a few simple questions

Game night tonight? Or need something for a party? Or are you standing at a game store right now? Use this to figure out which one to get! All credit for the choices goes to the Silver Oak Casino, who constructed this flow chart.

In addition to hopefully being useful to you, this site is mini-experiment for me on working with browser history. Here's a quick list of credits.

  • jQuery - I'm helpless without it
  • Bootstrap - The easiest way to get a decent front-end and layout for web pages
  • Browser History - If you're on a modern browser, you should have a very quick site that works well with using the browser back and forward.

This site is also built on what I hope is a very general JavaScript function for going through a flowchart of choices. If you're interested in that code, take a look at the GitHub project.

Again, major props to the guys at the Silver Oak Casino for the data. I don't actually know board games well enough to have put together data for it.

If you encounter any bugs or typos with this on a modern browser, please let me know, and I would be happy to fix it. File an issue on GitHub if you have an account. Otherwise, you can contact me at If I don't respond soon, it means I screwed up my email server. In that case, find me somewhere else like Twitter (@warstrekkid).