I have worked a few projects of varying importance and success. Most of those are listed below. A few more are available on GitHub. Note that I am not currently looking for new opportunities.

Resilient Neighborhoods Website Update

As of July 2022, I helped to update the fundraising pages on their website.

Dice & Diapers

For a few months, I spun out a parenting and D&D blog. In the end, I didn’t invest enough into the brand and shut it down. All of the content has been rolled back into this blog.

Spawning Tool

There’s a tremendous amount of data in StarCraft replays, and by aggregating data across them, there are lots of interesting insights to be had. Spawning Tool parses the replay data (via an open source library), stores it in a queryable format, adds tags, processes the data, and exposes the data for users to do statistical analysis. More recently, we have been focused on allowing users to publish and share build orders, which can even be run as an in-game overlay. It is built using primarily Ubuntu, PostgreSQL, Django, Bootstrap, and jQuery. It also uses d3 and celery

Board Game Chooser

Board games are great, mostly. Except that they aren’t always great in every social situation. The Board Game Chooser gives you a recommendation after answering a few simple questions. It’s a pretty small project, but I do like how well the HTML5 browser history works for this. Read more about this project here.


I was having difficulty keeping track of recipes I found online in delicious, and I also disliked my family’s scattered, unsynchronized Word documents of recipes. To fix that, I built foodmarks. You can read a little bit more about the motivation here.


The Pitch: Right now, it’s hard to find books in the library stacks. Given a call number, our app shows you what floor your book is on, where on that floor it is, and how to get to that floor. See it in action at Stanford and Rice.

The Theory and Design of Magic: The Gathering

During fall quarter 2009, my friend Tom and I taught symsys15si, a student-initiated course at Stanford. We discussed how various topics from the Symbolic Systems coursework apply to Magic.

The Unofficial Stanford Blog

While webmastering, I migrated the blog from Movable Type to WordPress in 2010 and implemented a redesigned theme in 2011. I was a co-blogger-in-chief during the 2010-2011 school year, and even did a little writing.

D&D 4th Edition Online Character Sheet

My friends and I scattered literally around the world wanted to play D&D but could really only do so over Skype. Instead of having physical character sheets, I put together a script that stores characters online and calculates a lot of the uninteresting parts of the character sheet for you.

Star Wars D20 to D6 Character Converter

A project I did during high school. It’s a java swing app that converts a character from one rule system to another. It is┬áheavily dependent on a Spring layout and looks terrible.