About Me

Hi, I’m Kevin. Here are some facts that’ll help orient you with what you’ll see me write about and work on:

  • I’m a Canadian transplanted to Texas for my important formative years, then out to California for college and work
  • Most of my work is doing web development, though my personal interests are in computational models of human cognition
  • If my college training were to be my character class in Dungeons & Dragons, I think I would be a dual-classed programmer/psychologist with a cross-class skill focus in logic
  • With my current life being a software engineer and my second choice being an academic cognitive psychologist, I think I would have been a tuba player in my third life, and a writer in my fourth
  • In all of those lives, I would have insisted on making and eating lots of delicious food
  • I think it’s worth thinking hard about everyday life and appreciating it for what it is, though I do try to limit how much I write about my first-world problems
  • I spend a lot of time anticipating my own failures and preparing for those moments, often by setting up situations to thwart my own weakness
  • Much of my childhood was shaped by computer games, which I think I have under control since college gave me something better to do with my time
  • I’m not very artistic: I still draw people like I did in 2nd grade, I tend not to be able to “see” things, and my websites would look like they were from the 90s if not for graphic designers and free templates online

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I just found your MTG theory and design podcast and really enjoy it. Are the presentations still available somewhere. I usually listen in the car on the way to work but would really appreciate the ability to see the visuals you guys are referencing sometimes.


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