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A Couple Ways to Shake Up Life

Just finished watching “House”. Dang, that show is incredible. So addicted.
So yesterday, there was an MIT dealie over at Clear Brook, so my mom carpools david n and his mom, mo, and michelle m. over there. About all I can say is… is that it was really random. Somewhere from a 45-60 min drive, it reminded me a lot of the UIL state trip: very random, with lots of DNev stories and comments (“All I know is that if you take the first 2 letters and the last 2, you get jedi!”). So while the car ride was fun, the actual dealie was quite boring. Other than getting a free pen, I spent about 1 1/4 hrs listening to a particularly uninspiring speaker who managed to kill what would seem like a very interesting school. She didn’t seem to know a lot about the specifics, as though she weren’t well acquainted with the school. Oh, and I got to suffer through endless, idiotic questions from other audience members that wasted more time. The only entertainment I got was watching DNev fall asleep 4 times.
So this weekend was particularly interesting. Mr Hoyle approached me on thurs to play at his church for some dealie, and excited at the prospect of my first “gig”, I went. Well, sightreading was about as interesting as I expected, a lot of missed key signatures, blah blah. Saw Robert Plummer there, though seeing as I really didn’t know him in the first place, didn’t really talk to him. On the otherhand, the trumpet and trombone players were very interesting to talk to. Both are middle aged guys, and it happened I needed a ride back to Katy, so seeing as they seemed like nice guys, I bit. Well, imagine a really cool, smooth, 2000 type of guy; that wasn’t either of them. The trumpet player, Rush, is probably the dorkiest guy I’ve met, capable of corny jokes past even mine and very talkative (I later learned he was trained as an attourney). The trombone player, Neil, was a bit better, I guess the comparable straight man(to Rush being the Comic) in the duo. Well, in the end, I ended up going out for starbucks at 9 with them saturday night. Apparently they were impressed with my playing and me personally. So now I have two more adult friends, and a good connection to get more playing opportunities. Apparently they play almost every sunday over at kingsland baptist, so if they ever need a tuba player…
I finished watching all 7 seasons of Star Trek: DS9 this weekend. Took me some…3 months. Calcuated it to be approximately 1 week of continuous watching(this is in my head of course, out of number sense season). That’s a lot of star trek, though well worth it.
So HC is this weekend, and for one year, I stick true to my nerdy roots and decided not to go. Go me.
Everyone going seems excited about it; I guess by now, either you’ve gone and know it sucks, or you’ve gone and enjoyed it, making you excited. I fall into the former category, which I feel, as an extra bonus, is the better, economical choice. However, regardless of my personal feelings, if you are going, have fun.

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