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A Day in the Life

And I survive another week.
Went to a CS contest today, where, unforunately, Willie and I did not have the company of DNev. Regardless, we still did quite well with Aditya, getting 5th place. Fairley and Tom, with only them 2, did very well as well, getting 7th. The contest wasn’t very hard, but some of the problems just required a lot of typing. Both of our teams could’ve used an extra minute and both knocked out another problem. It was definitely a little difficult for Willie and I to handle, since neither of us have ever programmed without David, but things fell into place ‘neways. I’ll admit, a large part of our success is due to DNev, but I felt pretty good about my own performance.

Yesterday, I got a chance to join Mr. Jack Soliman in a game of basketball, along with the likes of Mo, Lasto, Aditya, Hulyk, Hornbuckle, and Matt J. It was actually pretty funny, because Coach is completely different in real life than he is in the classroom, which I guess is to be expected. In the middle of a game, the score was something like 7-6 (win is 1st to 7, win by 2, where fg is 1 pt and 3pt is 2). I can’t remember exactly what it was, but some guy on the other time jacked up a shot and Coach plants his feet and yells out, “SHHHHHHHEEEEEETT”. We were laughing so hard after that. Later, it comes back up in conversation (working from memory):
Wang: Dude (to Mo), shut the f*ck up.
Mo: What are you talking about?
Wang: What the f*ck are you talking about, just f*cking shut up (jokingly).
Jack (Soliman): Come on, guys, watch the language.
Wang: What the f*ck coach, earlier you’re like, “SHHHEEETTT”.
And then Coach just walks away and shakes his head.
I myself ended up being Coach’s man, since, basically, we both sucked the most on our teams. I think I defended him okay. I’m not nearly strong enough to deal with someone like him, but he wasn’t pushing too hard. He had an okay post move, but I was quick enough to keep him from getting either around me or inside position. When I was on offense, Coach went crazy. I swear, he was hacking and fouling a bunch. I wasn’t going to call it, since I’ll admit, a lot of it was by design, but Mo made me call it. I remember being a lot worse at basketball than my game would’ve indicated yesterday, but that’s not at all a bad thing.

Gonna get a chance to screw around some more on the sousamaphone since Janda assembled a pep band for tuesday’s girls’ varsity bball game against Cinco. Thankfully, House isn’t on this month (blame it on American Idol auditions). Unfortunately, since the group is so small, there are only 2 tubas, the other being Katie. Wish me luck avoiding her spitting acid.

I think I’m kind of screwed. SAT in a week, Solo & Ensemble in 2, Gatsby project on Monday, and History test on Monday over 4 completely meaningless chapters. And I haven’t started on the last 2. Wish me luck.

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