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A Week just like the next year’s weeks

So Junior year has picked up pretty quickly, hw, tests, quizzes, readings, essays all coming in. Sucks, but I’ve been keeping up. In no particular order, I now rant…
Today was pretty awesome, even if I was a little grumpy at the beginning of band practice. After staying up till 12:11 writing my eng and physics essays and AD speech, I felt pretty good, though I can’t say the same for Willie. Idiot that he is, he and DNev pulled an all-nighter to finish it, and in the morning, he was pretty hysterical. Best part: Garrett tells me that as willie describes what happens, he says, “Me and David did it all night.”
Bad image. Sorry.
So the 3 papers went crisisless, and hw is light, though I have some reading to do for History and Eng. I swear, those are the only 2 classes that have real work for them. The rest of the classes just have some easy stuff, though those 2 alone are more than the past 2 years combined.
We had a CSC meeting afterschool, where our favorite former treasurer was re-elected. w00t. Should be an interesting year if Cunningham can maintain interest in…
So band practice has been interesting. We had the all day practice on Saturday, which was somewhat productive. Had pizza for lunch and chicken for dinner, which was pretty awesome(and lots of popsicles). Other band practices have either been a)cut because of weather or b)scorching and sucky. At the moment, I’m fairly dissatisfied with the band in general.
My biggest problem is the general inefficiency and stupid work to do in the heat. Right now, we’re being hurt a lot by poor step phasing and weak fundamentals, both of which should have been covered in summer band instead of learning drill a week early and being “3 weeks ahead”. While I generally feel that the tuba section is doing pretty well(at least marching), there are just a lot of problems in general. I don’t ever remember having so many problems with timing steps correctly, and the traditional listening-not-watching problem still hurts us. Perhaps being in the band longer now and being a DI has made me more critical of the situation, but I don’t think this year is going so hot. And the trombones suck majorly. *shakes head* there are about 5-6 competent players/marchers in that section, and the rest are fish who can’t remember step sizes and totally screw up the columns. I’d like to make a petition to Janda never to march trombones at the front of formation ever again.
So a lot of ppl have been going in and out of my house recently. My sisters are packing up their stuff to move up to Austin(living in a condo together), so we have 3 beds left in the house and 2 more empty rooms. My dad and grandpa(and his “companion” AKA wife who is younger than my aunt of the same side) have come to visit, though I haven’t had much time to talk to them. Before, I would play checkers with my grandpa since it is simple enough to transcend language barriers, though I just haven’t had the time with band. I feel that very soon, however, this house is going to end up very empty. It is a very big place for just two ppl. I guess that means I’ll just have to throw more parties… 😉
HC is all the rage right now. I’ve seen a nice spread of all three groups: 1)no way in effing hell I’m going 2)only if I have a compelling reason to 3)dam, I’ll ask a person of the same gender if I have to! As usual, the traditional signs, locker ambushing, announcements, etc have all been victim of this massive craze to get a date b4 it comes. Being so soon this year, ppl are just getting off the new year jitters straight into checking out the local… scenery. I myself probably fit in category 2. It really is an expensive venture(though as I mentioned, painting the house has gotten complete coverage for) for going to a dance, and I really hate dancing. *shrugs* However, I did promise that if DNev went, I’d go. So I guess I’m safe.

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