I came by my blog again, thinking I needed to give an excuse for why I haven’t written in awhile. It’s actually been only a week, but I’ll jump on it to point your attention towards some of what else has been distracting me.

One, a magic class. I can’t recall if I have mentioned it earlier, but my future roommate Tom and I applied to teach a student-initiated course on the card game, Magic: The Gathering. I remembered that for a past computer science class, the class page was basically just a blog with links on the side for handouts. I figure that the topic of our class is sufficiently interesting by itself, with various curriculum choices and interesting research/sources, so there will be some posts there about how that goes. And it should eventually evolve into the class page for the class in the fall.

Two, cooking. Last summer, George and I blogged about the meals we cooked over the summer. This summer, Leland is my new partner, but we’re still cooking, so we’ll keep blogging. It mostly ends up being a reflection on a series of missteps and failures in making something tasty, but perhaps you’ll avoid screwing something up by reading. Or you can just laugh at us.

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