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Another Day in the Life

Okay, drug testing is screwy; I’ve gotten tested twice in two weeks. So stupid… if I wasn’t doing drugs last week, what’s the chance I will be this week? Meh, I heard some kid got tested 4 times this year. And the water is disgusting. They say, “o, it’s bottled water”, but they also say “you can’t drink your own water, you gotta drink our water that tastes like crap”. And they don’t drink the water; Youngblood and the guard have bottles. Hmm… no hw allowed either; guess so ppl don’t take advantage of it and camp out in there to study. It feels like I’m going to prison or something.
Well, I played my audition today, first person in both the scale and etude room, getting it over with. Scales were mad awesome, watched as Hobie wrote down the numbers(lost a total of about 5 pts off it), but etude and sightreading were crap. Sightreading was most definitely hell; it’s looks so easy, but after you screw up the first time, you’re screwed for the rest of it, so… and I had to start the second part of my etude over again, after about 2 measures… I think I’m pretty safe though, ‘neways, it was a low-pressure audition. Which was actually kind of nice, because I know a lot of ppl are really worried about band placement next year. Haha, fools…
Pulled through on another Fin test; got an 88(which seemed to be pretty common; 4 MC missed) and all 6 bonus, raising my 6 weeks avg about 1-2 pts. Oh, and Fin told this joke, leave a comment if you get it(cuz I sure as hell don’t):
“So this was this Eskimo fishing, and he had been fishing for a couple hours without luck. Then, this Eskimo kid sits down beside him, cuts a hole in the ice, puts his bait on, drops his line, and pulls out a fish. Now, this guy has been here for awhile, so he’s all “How did you do that?”, but the kid just sits there and stares at him. So the guy goes back to fishing when he sees the kid’s line drop, then come up with another fish. He’s pretty POed now, so he says, “How in the world did you do that?” Well, the kid just kind of stares back at him again, not saying ‘nething. So the guy says, “Alright, well no way you can do that a 3rd time.” Well, the kid drops his line, and does it again. The guy is really mad now, so he throws down his line and yells, “HOW THE HECK DID YOU DO THAT?” The kid opens his mouth and says, “Keep your worms warm.””
Alright, so the kid had the worms in his mouth… how is that funny? Fin’s all “You guys think on it.” You know, I wouldn’t be half-surprised if “keep your worms warm” had some sexual connotation – Fin is so dirty… David’s voice cracked when he was giving an answer in Fin, as well. We laughed, and Mr. Fin just stood there for a second and smiled at him…
School is so ready to be over, I’m so tired of the year. Crazy, I took a nap yesterday, and I took a nap today, even though I have X amount of review stuff(Holycross is such a bli-atch)…

“Well, you’ve come to the right place,” I said in my smoothest, most nonchalant voice. “Take a seat, make yourself comfortable,” I continued, propping my feet back up, stretching out my long legs, and running my hand through my hair.
“Thank you,” she responded politely, moving toward the chair, grasping it with her velvet gloves, then adjusting herself in the seat. “Well, see my husband, he-” she paused for a moment. Damn, all the good women are taken! “Well, see, my husband, he’s been involved in a lot of ‘incidents’, and I think our lives are in danger. I don’t have any real proof, but it always feels like there’s someone in the shadow, like, like-“
“Like you’re being followed?” I finished, casting my eyes up to the ceiling, pulling the pipe out of my desk and lighting it without glancing back at it. She nodded, and I imagine that she had a very concerned countenance at that moment, though I couldn’t look through her veil; not like I cared. I learned it was never worth it to get even remotely emotionally involved in a case. Until you know how padded their pocketbook is, of course.
“Could you do something about that?” She kind of looked at me funny, and I just kind of looked back. “Well, I don’t really know what I’m asking for,” she interjected, breaking the awkwardness. “I don’t even know if you can help. I just thought-“
“You know, I’ve done hundreds of cases,” I said wistfully “and I know exactly how they all begin. Just like that.” I gestured with my pipe at her, moving my eyes back to the ceiling. “I can do it. But it’s going to cost you; my usual ra-“
Just then, a series of loud pops went off behind me, breaking the serenity of the moment, shattering the window behind me and tearing the blinds. I felt a searing pain and quick air just above my shoulder. Instinctively, I immediately pulled my gun out of my hidden holster, falling to a position behind my desk. The firing abruptly stopped, and I catiously poked my head up to see where it had come from, but my assailants had fled. I was quite angry about another attack on my life, but even more perturbed that they had forced me to drop (and possibly damage) a perfectly good pipe. I sighed, reholstering my gun, vaguely satisfied that I was still alive.
“Could’ve been worse,” I commented as I turned to look at my guest.
“Aww hell…”

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