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Busy, but…

So, I’m sitting here, comtemplating all the work I need to do… and not doing it. Look what is more important. Hang on, going to go brush my teeth.
Done. Okay, ready to write now.
So school’s been interesting. AD has moved from the past of independent study to a more regulated schedule. I guess it’s good for it does keep everyone on track, though I would like a little more freedom. CS3 last week was all about making a server company dealie. Without going into details, my group and I basically spent the week extremely confused, and in the end, our group’s presentation was pretty bad. It was very funny because we were screwing around, but our hardware group totally sucked. It was bad. But it’s not like it really matters; CS3 is a pure effort grade. W00t.
History is a completely different story.
So I think most ppl in APUSHIST got a nice taste of jr year last week. Getting the test back, I look at my beautiful… C, which Soliman comments as one of the “highest grades”. Hmm… needing to speed up the learning curve as much as possible, I went in for afterschool tutorial thingy, which ended up being pretty worthless, with a pretty meaningless argument of interpretation that I gave up in to save time. Whatever.
In the end, we got 1/2 credit test corrections and 6 pts of teacher mistakes, so I guess my test ended up okay. *shrugs* Soliman is a pretty worthless teacher.

So we had our first game of the year, which was interesting. Runthru was pretty typical, and we cleaned tubas, blah blah. After that, we had the best fun when, with windex and towels in hand, we went out to Kingsland and Shillington and randomly cleaned some person’s window. Sadly, we didn’t get paid, but it was hilarious. Time consuming too, however. We’ll see if it becomes tradition again. Actually, as we were walking back, we saw the custodian cleaning the windows on the doors of the front entrance, so we cleaned a door. She had this “WTF” look on her face for a little, then Trey said she started crying. I felt bad for a bit, though I wasn’t (and still am not) sure if she was crying cuz she was laughing so hard, or that she thought we were making fun of her. Tough life.
DI-ness continues to set in, with inspection. Fairly routine, though I think I’ll have more fun with my fish this week, as we’ll hopefully have more time.
Load up the bus, sitting in the front as usual, though 10X more awesome. Instead of the Bird-man, Delaney, and Gargani for me to “enjoy” the company of, I got Zombie, Neil, and Kyung. Not half bad.
Get to the game, where I do my good tuba duty of helping the LC to unload (to get to tubas faster), and I put my hatbox down… which subsequently disappears(and doesn’t appear again until after I pack my tuba at the end of the game. Great fun). March in is a mess, stands tunes are a mess with 2 of the best tubas on LC AKA never there. Half time… was something new.
I can honestly say I have never seen the JET band perform even near so poorly as we did last thursday. Strake last year was messy on the forms, though it was still better than this. Perhaps I’m more critical now as a DI, and I feel that I have more of a right to say the performance sucked, but well, it did. As far as I can tell, the problem goes with listening vs watching. The ppl in the back listened, and those in the front watched. Hmm… at one point, there’s a fall(a note, not someone eating concrete) followed by 4 counts of rest. Well, in this performace, that one point became 3 points. Although terrible, it was kind of funny to listen to the crowd go “Ooooo….” I laughed when I listened to the video. The tuba section had a lot of problems, with one marcher never quite “with” the section, another who needs to learn their step sizes, and just inconsistent playing. Some play loud, some soft, some long, some short, some, some not at all. Each individually sounds okay, but the section is not in “tone” together. Big problem.
So for a first game, it wasn’t interesting in ‘ne way. Taylor lost (surprise) in a very boring match, though I did get to see bobby play. Quite funny; he tackles them, then rolls over on them so they can’t get up. I laughed when I first saw him.
The weekend was nice, however, with no band whatsoever. It pretty much disappeared into meaninglessness with lots of DS9. It wasn’t bad.
The one major plus though, was that I got a new hard drive. Western Digital, 120 GB, standard features, nothing special, though only $20 (take that Grant! While you spend over $150 on your “raptor” RAID 0 10000 RPM hard drive, I’m paying way less! Such is the life of a budget gamer). I’m currently in the process of taking everything off my measly little 40 GB hd and putting it onto my 2nd hard drive, leaving mostly only essential system files and utilities on the C. I love having lots of space. No more uninstalling just to install something else.
Oh, and I’ll try to get around to a wonderful rant on life as it is right now and updating my story blog sometime later this week. I don’t like the current story arc either. I think I’ll just settle it back into the classic, 1960’s, Bond style spy. That’ll be interesting.

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i tihnk a 74 GB raptor is a hell alot better deal for 150$ then a 120 GB at only 20$… but that is just me


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