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A Night at the Opera

I’m currently taking an introductory seminar called, “A View from the Podium: The Art of Conducting.” Limited to freshmen, and only about 15-20, it’s a specialized class working with the Stanford Orchestra Director to learn about conducting. Watching tapes of the greats, determining their stylistic and musical differences, and such. As part of that, we […]

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Yes, I’ll Tell You How College Is…

First note: Rick Ankiel has fallen way off his hot streak. Mebbe the hoopla spread by me and everyone else killed him, but since that 7 RBI game, he’s played another 14 games, with 7 hits in 49 at bats (hope I counted right), which counts for a .143 avg over that time. He’s had […]

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Before I get to the real post, huge props to 30 Rock for the Emmy win! I honestly don’t care about a lot of TV, and really don’t watch much of it at all, but 30 Rock is definitely on the very short list. There was some arm-pumping going on in that hotel room when […]

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Thoughts from Admit Weekend

If this seems disorganized, I just listed a couple things to talk about, and expanded them independently. If you didn’t know, I left Wednesday afternoon for a jaunt out to Stanford for Admit Weekend, a reception for all the admitted students to get a feel for the campus and such. After spending two days there, […]