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Before I get to the real post, huge props to 30 Rock for the Emmy win! I honestly don’t care about a lot of TV, and really don’t watch much of it at all, but 30 Rock is definitely on the very short list. There was some arm-pumping going on in that hotel room when they announced the win.

So as the title indicates, I’m almost at college. I’m in a hotel less than 10 minutes away from campus, with my life packed in the trunk of our car, waiting for tomorrow morning when everything begins.

My mom did a lot of the packing stuff for me, thankfully, since she seems to know a lot better than I do. The piles in the kitchen slowly grew and things were wrapping up for me to go, but I didn’t realize it until maybe the day before. Looking around my room, it didn’t look like I had really left—which probably says something about how much junk I have. Only that night, when I took my alarm clock, desk lamp, and air purifier off my night table did it look different.

I still don’t think I quite realize that I’ve left that part of my life behind. Even so, much of it comes along with me, as my parents and I took a 3 day road trip here, including a stop in L.A. to see family. And now I’m here, waiting for things to begin. It’ll be good, and I’ll share here as it happens.

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