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A Little Beta about Starcraft 2

Thursday morning, I woke up, bumbled my way down the ladder, popped out my retainer, threw some water in my face, and sat down at my desk to check my email. One of the something silly my mom forwarded along. The other was from my drawmate George, and when he knocked on my door literally […]

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Blizzcon 2009

It’s not often that one inadvertently ends up at an Ozzy Osbourne concert. This past weekend, I roadtripped with 3 of my friends down to LA to go to Blizzcon and visit the area. Consistently making the best PC games, Blizzard has a huge fanbase, and those fanatics can buy up 20,000 tickets in less […]

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Summer Stories

So this job (I may have mentioned this about a thousand times, but my job is to write a scheduler/database for dog groomers across the street from Taylor. I get to work from home, make my own hours, and the offer is pretty high.) is finally getting off the ground. I had another client meeting, […]