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First Update of Jr. Year

Well, it’s been interesting. But in the interests of chronology…
Tuesday was Band Olympics day, which was pretty awesome. Started only signed up for the Naked Run, though ended up in also the wet t-shirt and fruit toss relay(all of which the jrs did well in). I ended up getting tossed in the pool(after which we had to fish for my glasses), and possible delays threatened the Olympics, but they went on. Our game, “Spooning” was another relatively simple game that wasn’t the most exciting to watch, but funny. The look on their faces when Janda told them the rules… and pulling the string back out was great. I had quite a bit of fun with my events, even though I ended up with a handprint of peanut butter on my back and a lot of mud as well(though I didn’t even come close to getting the worst). Olympics were as exciting as to be expected, even if many of my friends didn’t show…
Next day was the first day of school, of course, which was interesting. My schedule is as below, but I’ll give you my low-down on the classes.
Shellum- okay class, kind of dead being first period. She seems cool ’nuff, except for the “society sucks” rants. It’s going to be a lot of work, but at least I feel like I’ll be learning something.
Sweeney- okay class, kind of boring. It’s been review so far, which has been pretty stupid. Class goes like ‘ne other math one, checking hw then notes. She’s really bizzare, though I think I can get away with other work in it. w00t.
Soliman- okay class, kind of reminds me of Metcalfe; he talks a lot about nothing. We’ve gotten a lot of busy work without a whole lot of learning. He seems… not always on the ball, but I think I’ll pull through.
Janda- awesome class, kind of familiar though… =)
Lunch- okay lunch, C lunch, of course. Everyone’s ended up spread out, but I think I’ll sit with Kosine and play magic and talk to him. Besides, Mooney is right over there as well; endless entertainment.
George/Scott- awesome class, kind of pointless so far, however. For an extracurricular event, they seem awfully intent on grading us. I really wish teachers could trust us for our intristic motivation, but I guess it’s not very common in teenagers, so I really can’t blame them. Teachers are awesome, kids are awesome, internal competition sucks.
Cunningham- interesting class, kind of slow. Cunningham seems like a very interesting guy, though not quite cut out for teaching. He insists on moving at the same pace as the slowest person in a very hands on manner, so it’ll be slow, but I’ve got my own stuff to do. Along with other schoolwork and AD, I’m currently planning on writing a program to play VC with an intelligent comp opponent. Gonna be lots of work.
Ferland- Weird class, kind of nice at the end of the day. Ferland is pretty darn awesome, very weird(like Fin), but nice. He’s a nerd, which gives him awesome points. It’s fun and pretty easy so far; he understands students pretty well and seems like a good teacher. Great turn around from the physics department of past.
There you go. That’s my life for the next year. If I don’t have a life, however, blame it on periods 1,3,4,5. All serious time suckers for different reasons.
So for once, I like my high school schedule. I thought fishmen year scheduled sucked in the beginning, as well as wise idiot year, though both ended up okay. The fact that I like this is good. For the most part, it seems like it won’t be too challenging, just a lot of work and learning.
So after school that first day, we had money day, which I got to work at. I sat behind a laptop inputting data. Not the most fun, but not the worst(more on that later). It was a family event again, with 3 of us working it. It went smoothly ’nuff.
After that, as we always do, we went for dinner, this time at California Pizza Kitchen where my sister(Nicole) works. Matt had worked at money day as well, so he came long. He complained because he had wasted 4 hrs of his life, suffering by sitting next to Jane(ouch 1) for the duration who insisted on talking to everyone, slowing him up(ouch 2). I laughed.
Got home around 8, when I did the hw I actually got on the first day; real hw. Sleep is going to be a fight for this year.
Next day was the first day of school year band practice, which went fine. The tuba section is sort of coming together, which is good…
Friday night was rehearsal in what seemed to be an infernal setting, finishing with the Burger Bash.
I screwed up my part in the drilldown, doing a horns down on a detail halt command(?!?), though I was very proud of Lonnie for winning. Big pressure next year…
After eating, I played football with the band kids, playing a solid blocker and scoring one of… 2-3 touchdowns for the non-senior team. It was pathetic, as usual.
The weekend was a wonderful break to the not so nice schedule of jr year. I put off all my work till 8 on Sunday night(which I ended up regretting), though it all got done. I have the feeling that’ll be the story of my life.
Town pep rally sucked. There you go.

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