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Mid-day Report

Well, I normally update at night, but since STAR WARS is tomorrow, I’ll need all the sleep I can get. And a band concert.
Star Wars is going to be ten-billion times way too awesome to describe (kudos to Bobford for the tickets, too). I actually get to go with 5 of my buddies and see a midnight premiere for one of the biggest cultural spectulars ever. I’m pumped, even in the middle of review week. All the little spoilers and stuff I’ve heard have just been building my anxiety. It’s going to be flipping awesome…
So school sucks. Reviews suck, teachers who make you do reviews for exempted finals suck, teachers who go over a review all class period in a class that you’re exempting suck. Fortunately, I think I’m pretty safe in all of my classes. None of my exams are predicted to be hard since: English, I got over 100 last semester; Band, Whatever; W. Hist, Mo got a 90 last semester, and my grades are quite good this semester; Fin, my only vaguely close class, is a apparently ridiculously easy final(and he bumps); CS, the biggest joke ever (I’ll bet ‘neone $5 that the Animal-Dog-Cat-Lizard inheritance thingie will be on the final, and the class A and class B extends A super calls will be on it). On a different note, the H drive in CS was down yesterday(and this morning). If you haven’t heard, well basically, the H drive is a 203 GB drive that holds all of the CS accounts across KISD, and usually, we’ve got tons of room on it to work with. Well yesterday, we seemed to have difficulties saving, etc. to it during 7th, so we check to see we have a whopping 5 MB left(it fluctuated; said 0 bytes at one point). I came to the conclusion that some CS 3 Senior in 6th period (*cough* John *cough*) wrote a “fill program” that basically makes a lot of folders and a lot of files on someone’s H drive to fill it up. I actually still don’t know if that was the case, but it was fixed by today, so whatever… it’s dumb things like this that I think will eventually get all of our CS permissions revoked(if you don’t know, CS kids actually have more authority than teachers; they can’t install stuff along with other blah). CS kids can basically do whatever the heck they want.
Well, in ‘ne case, I gotta go to the band concert soon *ugh*. I’ll write the story sometime later.

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i’m so jealous 🙁 i wanted to see the midnight showing of RotS, but my mom wouldn’t let me…so anyways i’m seeing it tomorrow… and your concert was pretty cool. never been to a band concert before. i have to go study for 8th period exam tomorrow… bye

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