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Midday Report

So, it’s only 4:10 in the afternoon, but it feels like it’s 2 in the morning. I think I’m tired.
THSSO started again. Sadly, Kyung is now 3 chairs down; my new buddy is Naomi, who naturally isn’t as awesome, being white and all. The music is okay; just like all other orchestra music, you get some composers who hate tubas (AKA beethoven who doesn’t use them and Bizet who lets them rest for half the music, then play downbeats for rest), or some who appreciate the glory of the instrument like Dvorak. 4th movement New World is about all I have to look forward to as far as playing goes. I imagine that it’s going to be a long orch season. But Janda is back, so we’ve got some cover. Englemann may be a butt, but I think he fears being too rough on band kids because he fears Janda. Mebbe we’ll sound good this year because of that.
Worked 7 hrs today at the Mu Alpha Theta contest. I have more than enough hours for NHS now. It’s interesting what things you hear teachers say when in a relatively casual situation. You can get some pretty good dirt, which of course has to stay confidential. It wasn’t bad overall. 7 hrs to play games on the computer, do a little sorting, and screw around. I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t be able to finish hours. Most are blowoff ones anyways that, for one club or another, you have to be at ‘neways.
School sucks. I just thought I’d reiterate that. After losing tuesday to THSSO and House(yes, it’s that important), I come home on wed, extremely tired, and take a nap for about an hour, then read Grapes of Wrath until 11 at night. And get raped on both tests (but at least I passed; many can’t even say that much). I worried about that class again, which isn’t good. I was hoping that I’d have figured out Shellum by now, but clearly not so. Then again, if the Srs are still flunking tests, I don’t think I’m going to figure it out this soon.
The Masquerade Party was a bit of a disappointment. The acts were few, and not particularly inspired. For no apparent reason, somehow the tubas got 3rd in the food drive. I didn’t think we were a generous section, but there is a major advantage to being small. The Scavenger Hunt was interesting. Out of the 26 items, we had something for 23-24 of them. Afterwards, we realized we only had 8 real items… though we got credit for twice that much. While getting real items is important, it’s even more important to be able to fake… and even more important to be able to lie and trick the judges to pass them off.
Thanksgiving Break in one week!
And nerd football friday!

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