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Just because I know I have to throw it in, I’m going to Stanford.

Moving on, I’ve re-developed my obsession for You Don’t Know Jack. Back in the day, Jellyvision made a video game of full length trivia games. Well, apparently it wasn’t profitable enough to keep up, so they took a break, and have recently been working on daily installments of their great game. If you love trivia with a little off-beat humor to keep it fresh, I absolutely recommend you play some of their DisorDats and full games. Great fun to be had.

Everyone take the opportunity to congratulate Frank and David on an outstanding job at UIL academics districts. They did 5 events, and managed to 1-2 each of them, and of course advancing the team to region. Unfortunately for them, UIL teams take 3 scores, so for 4 events, they’re depending on me (or Farhad for CS) to get the teams to state. Personally, I think that’s pretty awesome, having the weakest person being in control.
‘Member kids: it doesn’t matter how good you are, as long as you hang out with the right crowd 😉

So I’ve realized over the past week that even for guys, shopping is fun. No, I’m not necessarily talking about going to the mall and looking at clothes; even so, I’ve found myself quite engrossed in finding a suitable laptop. With the C-word coming up, I’m going to need one, and I, being a methodological person, am scrounging ads and websites, throwing info into a spreadsheet. Surprisingly time-consuming, actually. Now, while doing it, I defended it as purely financial interest; I want to get the best laptop I can for the cheapest I can. That makes sense. What threw me off, however, was that I was putting off writing a scholarship essay due the next day to do research.
I would rather look at laptop specs and such to save, mebbe, $500 instead of writing a scholarship essay worth twice that.
Go rational self-interest. On the plus side, I’m feeling quite enlightened right now.

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You might be interested in taking one of the Jung tests at . Your statement that you’ve chosen to go to Stanford tends to suggest that you like the type of closure that J person would exhibit. (I know. I’m an INTJ).

On choosing a laptop … you might want to hold off until you see what is offered and/or is standard at the college. I have a history of preferring Thinkpads for my family, because of the reason that corporations like them: they’re dependable, and the after-sales support is good. They may or may not be the fastest or sleekest machines around, but driver support tends to extend for many years after others have stopped, so obsolescence is a bit slower. I have to say that I’m wondering a lot about Apple notebooks, because they’re now Intel-based, and I prefer the Mac OS (Unix-based) over Microsoft’s products — although they’re not likely to become the standard issue in my day job.

If you’re going to be studying in Silicon Valley, you may find the orientation towards hardware and software preferences are considerably different from those in Texas.

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