Nothing to write about

So I’ve realized that in general, I don’t throw a lot into these blogs. I have all these artificial restrictions on myself, and in the end, there’s not much.
I try not to write too much about my personal life. I know there are ppl who probably would prefer not to appear in my blog, so I usually try to avoid that. And besides, who wants to know the painful details of my life? For example, for the past couple days, I’ve had to use the washroom a lot more than normal. I don’t think I’m consuming more liquids than normal during or before the school day, yet my regular pre-lunch and post-school leaks leave me trying to scrunch in the periods before both of those times. Now, you know way too much.
I try not to complain about my life. Right now, I’m even having 2nd doubts about this one, since it’s me complaining about how I don’t have much to write about. I’m not particularly interested in all of the crises of all of my buddies on a day-to-day basis, and we all know how life-changing high school drama is.
I try not to pick anything that falls too much into a clique. For example, a couple weeks ago, I was reading about how they proved the existence of dark matter. Interesting stuff, but that stuff seems to alienate a lot of ppl, and there are ppl far more knowledgable into the blogging world to write about it.
I try not to discuss anything debatable. There are lots of ppl who write on extremely touchy subjects (like Mr Castles), and inherently, it’s difficult to even present ideas on such things without irritating some ppl, and kind of like the subject two above, I like to keep a happy blog.
I try to write meaningful entries. It’s cool to see ppl update, but I don’t think there’s a strong pull for reading just a couple points on a couple subjects. Usually my personal indicator on an insufficient point is over-use of “…”. I’ve had to scrap a variety of points because of that.

Well, at least that entry filled up my personal requirement for a somewhat meaningful entry.

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