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So the band got offered to get a small pep group to play for the Copperheads tonight. I, never wanting to miss an opportunity, jumped on it, and boy, was it a waste of 5 hrs.
Possibly the one great thing that happened all night was this one play, a PAT play. The placeholder guy completely misses the ball as it goes sailing. The kicker runs all the way to the 15 yd line on the other side of the field (it’s a 50 yd field, in indoor football) and picks it up. One guy tries to tackle him, misses, and then he throws a 35 yd pass all the way back down to the other side of the field, where everyone was just kinda milling around, figuring the play was over. Some linebacker, I guess, catches it and turns around, stepping over the line for a 2 pt conversion. It was pretty incredible. Even with that, however, I still want my 5 hrs back.

School’s pretty much downhill right now. In some of my classes, we’re kind of wrapping up with AP review and such, while in others, we’re doing just about nothing as the year finishes. The only part that sucks is that while we do nothing, we get more busy work, the worst type of hw. And with APs and extra-curriculars finishing out the year, I’d rather have my time put to good use. Oh well.

I just realized I don’t have much else.
I highly suggest to everyone that next year, if you don’t think you’ll be overloaded with APs, to try out AP psychology. Even if you don’t need the credit for what appears to be a pretty simple exam with minimal studying, it’s pretty darn enlightening to read about psych. I love it.
And if you’re in CSC, there’s a end of the year party this 21st. It’s a friday. We’ll meet afterschool in the CS room, then go out for some ultimate, and then come back for some “networking” and food. If you’ve come to a contest or paid dues, come. The more the better.

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