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Senior Year? Not much of a Party

It’s come to my attention how dependent I have become on internet, and in the ways I didn’t think.
I must say, I didn’t miss IM much. I don’t do it much now, and if something is really that important, they can call me. Regardless, I’ll still be on most of the time (my new policy, during the school year particularly, is that if I’m going to be away from my comp for more than 12 hrs, ie sleep+school, it is turned off. Sadly, now all of you can figure out when I go to sleep.) for those oh so important messages you must leave me.
I didn’t miss gaming so much. In the end, it was probably healthy for me, but I now think that, for me, gaming is not an addiction; it’s just a highly available past-time. No “cravings”, per se, just a lot of time that I put to somewhat good use. And I now realize that I don’t game because I “want to”, in its purest sense; it’s just better than the alternative.
What was a tremendous pain was the little stuff. I’d think, “man, I wish I knew what (blank) was about. I’ll look it up on wiki…oh wait,” or “I should probably google that… oh crap.” Map directions, definitions, articles, etc etc. The internet is a wonderful source of general information.
And work. Of the 7ish items on my to-do list (long term to-do list), 6 require use of the computer, and 5, the internet. Not being able to do my job really sucked, but I’ve also got this darn health class I really need to finish.
Regardless, the internet is back in the household. Life is good. Until the internet sucks away my time again.

And I have begun my sr year. Follows is my schedule:
1) AP Bio – Clancy
2) AP Calc BC – Scott
3) AP Eco – Marvin
4) Band – Janda
5) AD – Coaches
6) AP Eng Lit – Good question
7) AP Stats – George

Not bad. Bio wasn’t originally in my schedule, but I think it’ll turn out for the best this way. I had meant to take Physics B (story coming up), but I now realize I can probably get away with taking that exam without the class, and picking up another AP in Bio. It’s dealable.
So about that. I’d like to compliment the counselors/registrar/whoever is responsible for the class arrangement. I know lots of you have lots of problems, but here are the ones I see:
2nd Period – Calc BC (1 class), Stats, Bio 2, Physics 2. Calculus right there is a killer. If left in 3rd like last year, it would work out dandy, but changes in the math department scheduling has left us screwed. And if a chambers orch kid wanted to take bio and calc bc…
4th Period – Wind Ensemble (1 class), Stats, Physics 2, Chem 2, Env Sci. Great job. Of the 4 Science APs, you’ve put 3 of them here. Nice move.
Otherwise, things aren’t bad. As far as I can tell, school this year will be all about keeping up with readings, without a whole lot of real work. I can do that.
And I’m sure you’ve heard of this wonderful circumstance, but our eng teacher left us after 2 days. Of course, the rumors run wild, including those heard from other teachers, but about all I can clearly say is that 1) it’s not our fault; really 2) she’s gone. In her place, we have an extended sub, who has yet to prove exactly where she lies on the awesomeness scale.

So, to wrap us this entry, you get to hear about my “bad day”. How bad was it? Just about ‘ne time I tried to make a snappy comment, it fell flat. At least 5 times, bad articulation threw it off, a couple times, I came out with a blank, and a really good shot I took came off with really bad delivery/timing. And when I made my best comment all day, I got busted by a teacher for it (yes, it was quite off-color). Yup. That’s a “bad day” for me. I usually like to think I’m pretty witty, but today, I totally got wrecked. For a moment, I actually considered being nice. Scary thought, eh?
Then again, being nice might be a good thing. Opinions?

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