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Since When has School been Busy?

So if you didn’t know, I’ve been home alone for about the past week (monday till this wednesday), and surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad. A couple extra things to do before going to bed, and having to deal with food a bit more (my mom left me lots of stuff in the fridge and freezer), but otherwise, almost the same.
Though I must say, independence isn’t all it’s chalked up to be. True, there’s not a parent looking over your shoulder, but you still have obligations. Personally, I found in the same seat I’m in right now most of the time; AD and school work can be pretty busy. Sure, I dealt with my schedule a bit differently than I would normally, but there’s still the same stuff. Life, regardless, was good.
And I learned that the secret to washing dishes is to soak them all day, and only do them at the end of the day, once, when everything just comes right off.

Yesterday’s football was probably some of the most fun I’ve had at a football in awhile; even discounting that it’s been over a semester, it was just a lot better than I ‘membered the games at the end of my jr year being. Being a senior isn’t majorly different, but it is different. There’s nothing quite like getting the opportunity to sing for birthdays; being a senior guy is great.
Even beyond that, things seemed to run pretty smoothly. It feels like the section’s matured quite a bit; they do the stuff their supposed, and have even more fun while doing so, which is great.

By the way, if you’re not a tuba player (either a real or honorary), you missed out on a great party tonight.

(I’ll write another part of the story sometime this weekend)

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