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Some More Thoughts on NY

If you haven’t read the below post, do so before reading this; it’ll make more sense that way. Or not. That’s cool too.
So I must say, this is honestly the first true break I think I’ve ever had, in the sense that I’ve felt I’ve needed it and used it. True, every summer break I’ve had has had the “Thank goodness that school is over; what a pain in the butt”. That’s pretty natural. But I’ve realized that until now, I’ve never really been even vaguely stressed by ‘ne of the circumstances. Big things have happened, and I’ve had to do my work at times, but it was in no way overwhelming. And I guess, honestly, this time, I don’t think I’ve been stressed out either. It’s just that the workload is a lot greater than I’m used to, but even that is relative. This is really the first time I’ve felt like I’ve taken a break: when I left, I felt like I was getting away from the usual life, and when I came back, I felt like I had truly left my usual life. It wasn’t long at all, true, but I never thought of the stresses of school in an emotional sense. I may have mentioned APUSH offhand, and I did crack my psych prep book on the planes, but it didn’t even near feel urgent. It wasn’t long enough to develop a sense of complacency in the break, and it was long enough to feel like a gettaway. And I was active the entire time. Talk about a perfect break.

On a completely different note, David came up with a new term when I was talking to him, and I want everyone to put it into jargonistic use. We were talking about something, and “safety blanket” came up. Everyone knows that a SB is a term for a backup, just in case something goes wrong. Well, I had been thinking, and when you combine that with the prevalence of someone “suing your ass” in this country, there deserves to be a new term that explains a special SB for legal action. And so we have “buttflap”, a term for a way to “cover your ass” against someone suing it. Use it.

What struck me as unusual about myself was how deep an interest I took into the spectacle of the famous in NY. I had always considered myself a relatively stereotypical nerd, uncaring for pop culture and the dynamics of “real life”, I guess you could say. But when I was in NY, I did enjoy looking at the apartment of Yoko Ono, knowing where Bruce Willis lives, and where the script of ET was written. I still wonder why the eff I care about it: trivia is just that, and it’s not even a distinct interest that I have. But on the otherhand, I’ve been getting (relative to myself) better at ‘membering moobies, particularly those I haven’t seen, and the actors/actresses who starred in. It’s a perfectly useful thing for smalltalk, but I still don’t see why I care.

My group rocked, if you didn’t catch that by now.

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