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The Quad is on Fire, the Quad is on Fire!

Michigan didn’t feel half as bad in their Appalachian State loss as USC does now.

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Thoughts from Admit Weekend

If this seems disorganized, I just listed a couple things to talk about, and expanded them independently. If you didn’t know, I left Wednesday afternoon for a jaunt out to Stanford for Admit Weekend, a reception for all the admitted students to get a feel for the campus and such. After spending two days there, […]

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And so life changes

It’s amazing how you can be so set on something, and have thought you thought out everything, but have that change in an instant. University of Texas at Austin: Accept. Turing Scholars: Accept. Dean’s Scholar: Accept.Carnegie Mellon University: Accept.Harvard College: Reject.Brown University: Accept.Stanford University: Accept.I was so freaking sure that I would end up at […]