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Three Down, One More to Go

What a ride.
From being a DI to a Magic-playing Physics teacher, to having more blowoff classes than real classes, to AP Psychology, to the New York Trip, to 2nd place TCEA State, to actually making Region Band, to playing basketball with my US History teacher, to watching the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina, to taking to trip to Austin because of hurricanes, to getting a kick-butt solo in WE, to missing UIL State in CS, to budding up and getting to know the senior class, to another football team short of expectations, to getting my first job opportunity, to finally getting around to getting my permit, to still knowing that I’ll never have a car to drive, to taking the SAT once and getting years of prep over with, to being an upperclassmen, to an incredible junior year, I’d like to think I’m enjoying high school for all its worth.

Seeing all the seniors on this last day was kinda funny. As much as my head was telling me that I was never going to see them, I didn’t really accept it. I mean, they’ve been here this entire time. I have never been at high school for the past 3 years without them right above me. They’re not going to suddenly disappear. Right?
No sappy goodbyes and farewells. They’ll be around, at least for the summer. But that’s not to say I won’t miss them. Every senior class has been pretty darn incredible, and watching another group of them going away is sad, no doubt about. But heck, most of them aren’t that sad to be moving onto college; no point in being sad for them if they aren’t. Regardless, to all the seniors who might or might not read this, I’m gonna miss you.

So school being over or being a senior has really struck me yet. Perhaps the end of this year being extended by a week due to other activities is a part, but as I touched on in my last mini-post, it is darn scary to think that my class will be the senior class. With all the fishies looking up to us, do I really think that we are the best models for them? Logically, our class is not any particularly worse than any class that has come before us, but as the hierarchy changes so quickly (once a year is pretty quick), it always makes you wonder how ready anyone is. Sure, the entire system is extremely artificial, but we subject ourselves to it anyways. In ‘ne case, I’m still not feeling the senior-ness.

And as I just took a nap, 2 random thoughts about dreams. One, ppl always say how they wish they could remember their dreams. After a relatively realistic dream like the one I just had (where I was talking to DNev in the hallway with the band hall, orch room, and such that I dont’ ‘member so well), it’s a darn good thing I forgot it, because I’d be pretty screwed up trying to ‘member what’s real and what’s not. Two, it always amazes me when I wake up about how well our minds come up with fake premises for a dream. For example, in another part of my dream, I walk into the school cafeteria where there are booths for a “40 cent store”. When I see Evan’s face (yes, Evan, you were in my dream), I say, “Don’t you ‘member me telling you this morning about the school putting them in?” Good thing I don’t ‘member my false memories so well either.

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