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Why do I have to show up for 3 more days?

Well, my last assignment was turned in today, so this year is pretty much over.

From finally winning a regional CS contest, to actually getting rain at a football game, to the most awesome tetris-piece-shaped stats seating arrangement 2nd semester, to getting my drivers license, to actually being able to lord over all of the underclassmen, to being part of the best UIL Academics team in the state, to having become a pen connaisseur, to spending way too much time on Facebook, to truly break my gaming habits, to getting something higher than a 6+ on an AP English paper, to getting the AP/GT English 4 award (?), to hearing Mrs. Marvin tell us the beanbag story in person, to actually feeling like I made some music, to having dedicated a good portion of my life to AD, to never having eaten lunch in the Cafeteria, to recycling with the Dereks Tuesday afternoon, to skipping out on pretty much every band event at the end of this year (with good excuse!), to having pwned Frank several times, to filling out way too many scholarship applications, to continuing to meet new, amazing friends, to having spent way too much time with a certain group of 9 students, to finding out that Mrs. Scott once owned a movie theater, to managing to go to all 3 dances on the year (with 3 wonderful ppl), to having literally only watched one movie in theaters all year, to actually being given the choice to attend the most awesome university ever, to finally understanding the full circle of high school, to blogging this same passage 3 years running, to keeping up blogging on a regular basis for all this time, to getting to know the most amazing person in the world so much better, to playing Ultimate on Fridays, to getting around to not completely sucking at it, and to having a daily journal to contain everything that I’ve missed, it’s been quite a year.

This is one of those times when it’s hard to know what to feel. Well, obviously, I’m excited about college and sad about not being able to see these friends on a daily basis ever again. Transitions are a time to look both ahead and behind, which I highly advise you do.
Never change lanes without checking both your rear view mirror and watching out the windshield.

The sappy entry will come later when school’s all over, Wednesday-ish.

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