Wolverine Review

Many of you probably haven’t seen the movie yet, but promise me, you’ve seen this movie before. Though perhaps not quite so shamelessly.

It was fun. I can promise that. My dorm organized a trip to see “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” this evening, mostly because of the trailer. Like any good action trailer, it flashes a series of clips of epic fight scenes and makes you want to see the entire scene play out. And given that the movie is only about about an hour and 45 mins, you can imagine that there’s not a lot else happening in the movie.

The movie follows Wolverine’s life before the events of the X-Men trilogy movies. If you remember from those movies, he has flashbacks about getting the adamantium metal bound to his skeleton, and Jean Grey comments that his accelerated healing means his age is indeterminate. This movie starts to fill in the holes in his history, going back to his relationship with Stryker and Sabretooth. The revenge theme and plot twists end up being somewhat predictable for the movie. Several different battles show off the superpowers of many well-loved superheroes, but they as well appear as token action elements, and no one other than Wolverine is significantly developed throughout the movie.

But that doesn’t really matter, especially when Deadpool cuts a fired bullet in half to kill the two people behind him. Certainly, don’t go to see it if you want to see a good movie. If you’re looking to get a couple absurdly overdone action sequences just for the rush, it should be exciting.

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