The Many Appeals of The Elder Scrolls Online

Despite having faithfully played PC games of many genres since I was 4, I never played an massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPGs or MMOs) until Julie and I picked up The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) at the recommendation of a friend. I could say that my self-restraint kept me away from extremely addictive MMOs, but in truth, I didn’t play any growing up because they required monthly subscriptions paid via credit card, and I didn’t have a credit card. These days, many MMOs only have a one-time upfront cost, which is how ESO got us.

Most people have heard of World of Warcraftthe most popular MMO with a population on par with a small country. In a MMORPG, players take the role of a heroes in a massive, shared world where you can run around, kill monsters, and complete quests while gradually making your character stronger. It is called an MMO because thousands of players all inhabit the same world running on a shared server where they can group up or perhaps fight each other. It’s like real life, except the words “+5 Experience Points” appear in the air when you squash a spider.

Prior to starting ESO, I had only a rough understanding of what you can do. I had heard about raids and crafting and just assumed there was only a binary appeal to it. However, I was surprised by how ESO (and presumably other MMOs) can appeal to players in different ways. Not only are there many reasons why people play video games, there are many reasons why people play MMOs. Continue reading The Many Appeals of The Elder Scrolls Online

“The Elder Scrolls Online” thoughts

These days, most of my gaming is spent looking down and controlling large armies of space marines in epic, strategic battles. My favorite genre of games, however, typically involves playing a single hero (and maybe a few companions) embarking on an epic quest in some fantasy world where my character grows stronger and find magical equipment and loot. Among these games, known as western (as opposed to eastern or Japanese) role-playing games (RPGs), there are several well-known franchises, such as Baldur’s GateDiablo, and Mass Effect. One important franchise that I came late to is The Elder Scrolls,. Most recently, I have been playing the 5th installement, Skyrim, but thanks to the generosity of my friend Tom, I had the chance to play in the open beta for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) this past weekend. Continue reading “The Elder Scrolls Online” thoughts