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5 down, 3 to go

Well, the fall semester of jr year has ended, and, boy, I’ve never been happier.
They always say that jr year is the toughest, and even with a light schedule, it is worse. Tolerable, but worse.
Exams were too bad in that not bad until something happens on my report card sort of way. Exempting band, cs3, and pre-cal, I took both of the exams for my AP classes, which went okay. History was a joke, and English wasn’t too bad, except for a section on figurative language that had me baffled. And I need an 87 to get an A in that class. We’ll see what happens.
So I finally got around to reformatting my computer for the first time in the 4 years I’ve had it (that means I wiped the hard drives and reinstalled everything from drivers and windows up). If you just use your computer for the internet and whatever, it’s no big deal, but if you do ‘ne sort of gaming or intense comp work, I highly suggest you do. You’re supposed to do it bi-annually (at least once a year, if you’re lazy), though I’ve always put it off since it sounded like too much work. Well, just a couple weeks ago, one of my neighbors gave us a “dead” computer, knowing that I knew a little about them, for me to try and fix. With a bit of work, I figured that the comp was fine, but it had a fried hard drive. So my mom, figuring to give the comp to my sister, who has a dying comp, bought a new hard drive for it. Well, this new hard drive happens to be bigger than my secondary (if you ‘member, I got a 2nd hard drive a couple weeks ago). So, since my sister doesn’t need all the space, she suggested that I rip out the one I had and take the bigger one, giving her the smaller one. So then I figured that I should reformat. And I just wasted about 30 s of your life in a meaningless story. Well, regardless, if you haven’t reformatted, it’s great. I’ve loaded almost all the software I had before, and yet my C drive has about 10 gigs less of stuff on it (beats me). My registry is surprisingly uncluttered, and my startup has about half as many processes as it did before. It’s glorious. A very nice performance difference.
Yesterday was great. I came in for my 8 mins, getting to both sleep in and not stay for an exam. Just before school did end, however, I came back since we were supposed to play nerd football. Wow.
I normally ask around and get at max 10 ppl. This time, I picked up mebbe 4-5 ppl on my way out to the field, where we started an okay 6v6 game. Then someone would come. And they wouldn’t stop. And suddenly, there were 24 ppl. We ended up splitting up into two games since we had so many. Tons of fun, even as cold as it was.
After that, I went over to Bobby’s house, where I did a Magic draft with some friends (if you don’t know what that is, it’s okay; it’s a nerd thing). It went fine, and I came away with some good merchandize, though it’s unlikely we’ll do it again. How sad.
Today was Tuba Christmas. If you don’t know what that is, a bunch of tubas and euphoniums get together down near the Galleria to play a concert. Unfortunately, we had had predictions of freezing rain for today, so it scared off the Casserlys and Janda. And UT happens to still be in session, so Mark M. and Will D. couldn’t come back, and Andrew K. is on a cruise or something. And then Johnson slept in (apparently they tried to wake him up, but he wouldn’t; he claims he has no recollection of this event), so we had a grand total of 1 alumni: Heumann. It was a disappointing event since the rain kind of screwed it up, and without alums, it wasn’t a great nostalgic journey either. Oh well. At least Chili’s was fun.
So with that, have a Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas.

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