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Life on Break

So what would the average male teenager do given several days of basically nothing? Video games, of course.
It’s kind of sad how much time I’ve invested in them. I can’t say that CS:S leaves me with the most satisfying feeling. Neither do I feel ‘ne smarter for doing it. And I’ve spent way too much time for it to be a simple “escape”. About the only thing I get out of it is knowing that my twitch reflects are a little better, and that my headshot is just that much better.
Sad, isn’t it?
Well, I guess my break hasn’t been entirely unproductive, as I know many will understand. SAT prep is obviously high on my list (though probably a greater worry for my mom than me), so I’ve gone in to Testmasters to write a few tests. My private lesson teacher has prescribed a “warmup” from the LSU tuba teacher that involves 5 different types of scales, 2 tonguing excercises, 3 lip slurs, and 2 finger excercises. Takes about an hour right now, and by the time I’m finished with that, I’m finished. I’m currently working on a Java program that will end up being a fully designed RPG, but right now, work is slow. If you don’t know much about Java, know this much: it’s impossible to make it look pretty. The GUI (graphical user interface) designed by it is probably the biggest pain known to man, and even though full documentation exists for it, it’s really written more as a reference than a teaching tool. In ‘ne case, that’s going to take quite awhile, though I could use some help on it. I need someone to draw little pictures in Paint for me. And someone who knows RPGs to write up a default campaign.
Christmas was also relatively uneventful. Although we did have our usual Christmas Eve dinner with family friends, that’s about it. My nuclear family was all here, which was nice, but my dad was constantly, literally, on conference calls with work. My grandparents, who usually come in, didn’t this time for reasons I’m sure I know but can’t think of at the moment. Regardless, it was a bit of a surprise, though there’s not much I can do about that. My sister and I didn’t hold up our tradition of waking up early to drink hot chocolate and watch a movie because, well, we didn’t have ‘ne good movies to watch. Seeing as we had all of the presents known in advance and such, there wasn’t much to present unwrapping. With so little accessible family home, the rest of the day (after the, about, 1/2 hr of actual “Christmas”) was like any other. I spent a couple hours reformatting (and my total comes out at 4 that I’ve done in the past 2 weeks) and putting apps on a computer that we’re donating to Evan, who’s apparently been suffering with a sucky one for the past however long.
As much as I know that there’s a good chance I won’t like it, I’m extremely anxious to see my report card. The anxiety is definitely the worst part of it.
So that’s my break. I hope yours is more exciting.

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