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A Great Disturbance in the Force

Thank you Rita for completely screwing up school.
Well, that’s unfair. Weather happens. Revise.
Thank you KISD administration for blowing the entire situation out of proportion.
Thank you US government for not organizing departures (I can’t bear to say the e word again; talk about overused) and causing 15 hr traffic(that I fortunately avoided, but wvr).
Thank you meteorologists for making a thousand predictions, eventually settling on one that was out of the “cone of possibility” or wvr.

Mixed feelings about Rita: got out of school, got a long weekend, got extra time to catch up.
Unfortunately, all that was hampered because: band is going to suck for a couple weeks, all of my classes’ schedules are screwed up, and I got sent to Austin.
Due to extenuating circumstances that I’d rather not care to get into, my mom prudently (or not) decided to depart almost immediately on wed for austin, calling it at worst a good opportunity for a vacation to visit my sisters. Yes, a vacation I spent on a couch in an apartment with 6 other ppl, knowing that all my groupies were probably partying at home while I was stuck. Well, it wasn’t that bad, but for a 6 day weekend, I would’ve hoped for more.
The ride up, because we left so early, was smooth, only taking 3 1/2 hrs. When I got there, I had a bag full of books and work to do. I read one book and did mebbe a total of 2 hrs worth of work. Yup. A lot of sitting around and doing nothing.
I did go to 2 classes though. I went with my oldest sister to a biochem class, which ended up sucking. Other than a little stuff on actin and myosin that overlaps with some decathlon material, I was pretty lost and bored. There’s one class to avoid…
I went with my other sister to a philosophy class (both lectures, btw). Now that was a fun class. Most of it was spent talking about Locke’s theories about identity, which was actually quite interesting. Furthermore, the lecturer was pretty funny, knowledgable, and very engaging. He also showed Simpsons clips to supplement the material. That’s the type of class I expect college to be: fun, while still educational and requiring thinking, not rote learning.
Past that, not much happened. Tried to get back Saturday after I heard that Katy got a minor t-storm, but traffic forced us to delay until Monday. I returned with some family friends while my mom stayed in austin for another day, so I got a day home alone.
Dang, that was fun. I must say, the best part was definitely yelling random, idiotic stuff without fear of embaressment or ridicule. Other than that, I found that there really isn’t much I would do without others around than what I would if there were, except for a slight diet change. ‘Neone got ‘ne ideas of stuff to do home along other than sabotage your house for possible intruders?
Today could have definitely been worse, but that is a long stretch from good.
I think I’ve gotten too smart for my alarm, for now, as far as I can tell, I manage to unconsciously turn off my alarm and go back to sleep without ever ‘membering waking up. I definitely need a new alarm. Or mebbe I should build some contraption to make the whole alarm turning offage process more difficult.
Most teachers were extremely kind about makeup work, which is good, though I’ve got a slew of tests for the next couple days.
Band sucked a lot. I didn’t have ’nuff time to smooth out the curves, so a lot of the tuba forms were very rocky, and it was quite warm (though not humid; life saver). Marching was very weird too, since I haven’t marching in 1 1/2, and when we started playing while marching, it sounded very weird. I’m sure I’ll get used to it again.

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