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The HC-less HC

So the big game/dance has passed, along with all its excitement.
I find it interesting how whenever I ask someone about it, they always say, “It was fun”, or “It was nice”. It’s never “DUDE, I LOVE SPENDING WAY TOO MUCH MONEY FOR A SINGLE NIGHT, AND BOY WAS IT A BLAST; MY LIFE HAS NEVER BEEN SO INCREDIBLY SUPERTABULOUS”. Then they mention their extreme pain/sleep deprivation accompanied by a groan or yawn.
I’m not saying that it wasn’t worth it; I wouldn’t know, but I myself would like to have put that money to something more permanent than memories crystalized in photos. On a side note, I’d be interested to see everyone’s pics =)
I found it interesting how ppl managed to compensate, though. One group of girls went camping, and I know another who went with her friends to laserquest. Both sound like fun; certainly more unique than HC.
My groupies and I spent about 2 hrs rp-ing, which due to Willie’s idiocy, ended up very badly (to my great hilarity). It was certainly much cheaper than HC, and I think it worked better for us. Besides, I felt a need to affirm my dorkiness. And get some sleep.

Friday was awesome; shortened day with a bunch of fun, worthless classes. Never hurts.

So the HC game was awesome. I’ll admit that I wasn’t particularly excited about it in advance (except a chance for rain, which ran away, putting me on a 23-game drought), but it was great. See, Chris (or Reuel, can’t ‘member) suggested the day b4 that we randomly throw in a tuba visual during the falls, which involved… humping our tubas. I’ll admit (2nd time I’ve done that in a paragraph; dang, crucial) that in the beginning, I was strongly opposed to the idea, though being a usual, laid-back tuba guy, I let it slide to see what happened.
It was creative.
So back to the game, I was semi-pleased to see John carrying this week, and he didn’t complain. As far as I ‘member. I’m proud. Past that, Timmy (Casserly) showed up, along with a slew of other pleasant faces, which added a classic, yet nostalgic, feel to the game. The game itself was great, very exciting with a final Taylor victory over a seemingly bigger opponent.
Half time was good, with a band kid getting queen (congrats Bridget!), which is always a nice touch.
The show seemed a lot better from the field. Tuba forms were generally okay, and the music didn’t tear terribly, though it wasn’t particularly stable either. After listening to the video, I’m beginning to feel that just the size and… expansiveness of the band is really killing us. No one is really off, but no one is together. And battery and pit are too loud. The whole pods thing and moving to movement 2 went well (and Pasley caught her saber! w00t). I thought that was going to be a huge problem, with a big reliance on dots or parking stripes or pieces of gum for position, but it looked pretty good. 2nd movement looked okay, though the curves could’ve used a few less… inconsistencies. I’m a bit worried, for a set or 2 in the tuba section are completely wrong, with 1-2 ppl in wrong spots, but moreso because ppl are marching spots, not forms. *shrugs*. It was still good, and the visual was awesome. If you didn’t exactly see it, it’s us humping our tubas as I said earlier, a combination of a pelvic thrust and a horn flash. Apparently the crowd loved it, Bailey loved it, and Grange loved it, though Janda seemed doubtful in the beginning. However, during class, he mentioned to me that it was so good, they were going to teach it to the whole band. W00T!!!!


Well dam, that takes away the whole tuba-ness of it. And it isn’t exactly a clean move. I’m glad he likes it, but I think he likes it too much. We’ll see what happens.

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