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A Great Moobie

So, seeing as this is the break and I’ve been temporarily incapacitated due to a wisdom teeth operation, I’ve had a lot of time to sit around at home, do nothing, and eat lots of ice-cream and popsicles. Dream break, right? (other than having to hold an icepack to my face 24-7 to keep down the swelling)
I was looking through our moobies to watch, and I came across a classic, a moobie that all of us have, or should have, watched a thousand times. No, I’m not talking about the exciting, action-packed sci-fi flick, though Star Wars is great, nor the classic romantic comedies of medieval times, though the Princess Bride is great. We’re rewinding to the greatest of kids’ moobies: Mary Poppins. Good times, right? No one’s “too old” for this moobie. Well, I pop it in, and I must say, it’s brilliant.
It’s always a funny feeling to watch kids moobies when a little bit older, just to see if I can catch all the stuff I missed the first time. Particularly, I was inspired by a slightly increased, though by no means wide, “literary awareness”, as I’ll call it. While I was watching Mary Poppins, I caught all the wordplay and allusions that I had missed when younger, but suddenly, I was also associating characters like Admiral Boom and Bert to stereotypes, finding their place in the story. The kite was no longer a kite, but a symbol, and on a simplistic level, I started pinpointing basic elements, such as the Protagonist, which surprised me now that I “get it” a bit more, motives, etc.
It kind of makes me wonder, because, for example, everyone knows that Shrek is a kids’ moobie, right? Well, it also happens to be littered with allusions, crude humor, and other “adult” elements that make it just as entertaining to us, and perhaps moreso, than to kids. This, at least to me, seemed like a new and revolutionary thing, a moobie that appeals to ppl of all ages on different levels. Looking back, this, however, appears not to be the case. Simple Disney moobies, that I have always believed to be one-dimensional, fanciful, kiddie moobies have substance to them as well.
So, if you haven’t watched Mary Poppins since you’ve entered high school, do it: if not for the enlightenment of a new perspective, then just for the what you had before, the kiddie enjoyment of it. You can pull yourself away from your video games or other meaningless pursuits to watch just one moobie. It’ll be worth it.

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