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You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

So instead of getting that beautiful night’s rest at the end of the break before I jump into my LiA essay at 7:27 tomorrow morning, I can’t go to sleep right now.
I even made a deliberate attempt to being tired so that I could. I eventually figured out that the reason why I stay up late on Sundays is because I wasn’t tired. Genius, right? Well, every teenager wants to sleep in on weekends, but I’d rather be conscious for school than waste hours on weekends on the sack, so I started waking up “early” on Sundays, i.e. 8:00. Worked like a charm this morning. Grumbled a bit, but popped out of bed and went about the day, doing the work I’ve put off, hanging with Evan, etc. Around 5ish, however, I decided that I needed to crash through another book of FtA, so I do what I usually do and turn on my nighttable lamp, lie in bed, and just read (I’ve decided to randomly insert my Shellum test tactic: procrastinate. 2 days, 3 if AtKM, I do all my hw during classes, then go home and lie in bed and read from 4 till 10, unless I finish first. Works like a charm, and I can procrastinate almost as much as ‘neone else). As comfortable and great as this works for reading, it’s a bit too much so, and I took a dammed nap for about an hour, leaving me distinctly not tired right now.
Tragedy, right?
Well, I needed something to do for these couple minutes, so I think I’ll try sleeping again. After I finish this next segment.

This has never happened to me before, but it’s happened multiple times over this past school year. This is how, at least I think, it works: I’m reading before I go to sleep. I then stop reading, put my glasses away, turn off my light, and go to sleep. About an hour later, I “wake up” in that hazy, half-conscious state, forgetting the part after I stop reading. I think I have just taken a nap, then reach to put my book away, put my glasses away, then turn off my light. Around the glasses part, I realize I’m not wearing my glasses, which strikes me as vaguely odd, but I dismiss it since I sometimes read without my glasses (easier on the eyes, even if I wear the ducky, lower-power ones at home). Then, my mind is thinking that the lights are on, but my eyes are seeing that the lights are off, which is probably the weirdest, most disorienting thing ever, compounded with my hazy, half-conscious state. At this point, I have a minor insight (which I learned today has the official psychological definition as “the sudden realization of the connection between a problem and solution”), minor only in that my hazy, half-conscious state prevents full awareness of the situation, and then I go back to sleep.
I’d ask you guys if something similar has happened, but I know none of you comment. Which sounds like an appeal for you guys to comment, which probably it was, but I know you won’t notice that enough to comment. Or that. Or that. Or that. Mebbe I should just shut up and go to sleep now.

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