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A Proposition

I propose, that in honor of randomness, that we make this Thursday “Speak in Song Day”. During this day, all day, whenever you have something to say, you have to say it in song. Regardless of whether you can sing or not, everything must have a beat and a melody to it. It’s likely that you’ll have to explain it a thousand times, and that you’ll make a fool of yourself, but who gives? Oh, btw, if you’re wondering why I came up with this, “because I can”.

So we had a concert in San An for band this past Friday. It happened to be the Spring Trip one, and because of the financial situation after the NY trip, my mom and I decided that I would not go on the trip, but drive up to San An and play the concert. I skipped the AP US history exam and got out of school at 930, when we promptly drove up to Austin to pick up my sisters who were going to come and listen.
We arrive in Austin at approximately noon, where we take a break to eat lunch while we wait for Nicole to get back from one of her classes. We figure that if we get out by about 1, then we’d have plenty of time. Well, Nicole, unaware of the time constraints, comes back to their apartment at around 120. She hurries through lunch and we leave.
Next, my sister has to drop off a form at ACC. Easy, right? Well, she goes in, and we wait in the car. And wait. And wait. After awhile, she comes back, complaining about the stupid lady at the desk who took forever. By this point, it’s about 210. And I’m supposed to be in San An at 3 for warmup. My mom goes through some seriously aggresive driving to cut as much time as possible.
By 3, we’re only at New Braunfels. Well, that’s okay, I think. I only need to be there for the performance. I can afford to skip a bit of the warmup, as long as I’m there for the performance. We drive and drive, and I become increasingly more worried (‘member the 40 measure solo?). In downtown San An, we hit 2-3 traffic jams, which fortunately clear up really quickly. Drive, drive, drive. Trying to cut corners, I put my uniform on in the car. We pull up to Stevens High School at 340, which, as far as I could ‘member, was our scheduled performance time. I dash into the auditorium, where I get about halfway up before I, thankfully, realize that it’s Symphonic Band performing. Unfortunately, they begin their performance as I sit down, and I feel locked in. Then, rationalizing, I sit there, figuring I’m better off waiting in there, where I know the band will be soon enough, than wandering around for the warmup I may never find.
Halfway through their last song, I hear Mr Bailey beckon, and I rush out of the auditorium, muttering sorries for my delay. We rush over to the warmup room where I bust in, in time for the middle of the warmup, and to an applause. Funny how much more ppl appreciate you when you’re not there, eh?
And so I performed with the band, and, in my opinion, did a good job on my solo, with only a few verbal death threats and complaints from Katie. Not bad.

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