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Why am I such an Idiot?

So the other day, during band, we were doing a recording session for graduation. If you ‘member, we recorded P&C last year because the Merrell Center wasn’t going to hold an orchestra as well. This year, they decided that P&C is much too boring to play in and out, so on the way out, they now get “The Throne Room”, the song they play at the very end of Star Wars: A New Hope, when Han Solo and Luke get their medals. We got our band arrangement during class, which wasn’t too difficult, rehearsed, and recorded.
We did 2-3 recordings and some practice, and during all of that, I did just fine. Then something bad happened. See, at the end of the song, there’s a fermata, then 2-3 silent beats, then a concluding triplet. I had counted it fine all period, but on the very last take, I had a minor lapse and played it a beat early, where there is complete silence. Remember that because this is a recording, that we stay still and perfectly quiet until the microphone is turned off. In the awkwardness, Mr. Janda looks straight at me. Demonstrating my lack of object permanence, I close my eyes really tight and hope that he disappears. Thank goodness they have to cut and paste anyways, and because of that, they can just use part of another recording right there. If they don’t, at least I’m immortalized in the music in one more way (last year’s recording has a nasty cracked note at the end of the alma mater, and you just might hear “Louie, Louie” during P&C).

In other news, life is good, while simultaneously being absolutely terrible. In school, a combination of APs, wrapping up of topics, and general unenthusiasm has made this past week absolutely worthless. Here’s what my schedule looks like:
English – study for other APs/do nothing
Precal – learn stuff we already know
History – watch “Forrest Gump” and “Miracle”
Band – play what little music we have left for the final concert, tell stories
AD – magic with Kosine
CS3 – ACSL stuff for half the period, then walk around and chat
Physics – learn obvious stuff

Thank goodness, right? Unfortunately, the worthlessness of it makes me question even going to school. What’s the point of waking up at 6 if I’m just going to do nothing? Oh well.

My mom insisted that we get hardwood floors in my house, so we did. For about a week, all of my furniture was smashed up into one room, while they preceded to rip out all of the carpet upstairs. In that time, I once again evaluated my dependence on my computer, decided it was for the best to be away from it, then went back to it after the minor disruption. Keeping up the status quo, I guess. On the plus side, I got rid of some junk, my room is reorganized, and I can now actually roll around in my rolling-chair. Stopping, however, is going to take practice.

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