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So we had our regional contest this past weekend, and Taylor did an amazing job. We got lots of individual medals, and came away with 1st in region and 1st in superquiz after a pretty amazing bout on the relay. We did well.
Unfortunately, that’s just one step. I normally try to avoid this, but I’ve found myself anxiously awaiting the scores from other schools. In my head, I know that the idealistic view would be to ignore them, because even though this is a competition, seeing their scores doesn’t change anything, because in any case, the team should be studying as hard as it can. Simpler said than done, of course.
I find myself in a bit of an awkward spot right now, because early in the season, I was extremely pessimistic. Now, we’re in great shape, and if no one pulls on emergency brakes, our lead foot is keeping us floored. It’s just a bit shocking to me to think that we’re where we are. I had always thought that this level of competition required students who had dedicated their lives solely to AD, studying like crazy and sleeping with a book under and on top of their pillow. While that now seems exaggerated, I am confused at exactly what it takes.
On a completely unrelated note, my old “Gillette” deodorant ran out. I’m on “Right Guard” now (in the off-chance you care, I have no brand loyalty in deodorants. It’s all about what’s on sale).
I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with me and AD right now, actually. Now that I think about it, things haven’t quite been the same since marching season ended. When it was going on, there was a lot of complaining going on, in my head if nowhere else. I told myself that after marching season finished, it would be game over. But then I was just kind of cooked. Thanksgiving came around and that was just filled with random stuff. That lead into December, where the end of the semester kind of held me off really committing, then the trip to China had its own distractions. Since I’ve gotten back to school, I’m definitely not where I should be.
I’ve heard it before, and Scott mentioned it again this weekend, but really, I seem to be more productive when time is tight. At first glance, it doesn’t make sense; I should be able to do more with more time, right? What’s really weird is that after a day like today, I look back, and I think myself productive; other than a 1/2 hr stopover in video game-land, I didn’t really not use my time. Yet in the end, it feels like I did less than I would have on a day where I got home from marching band at 630.
Apparently I’m not the only one, as I mentioned that others had related similar circumstance, but looking back at today, I’m guessing that the lost 2 hrs were on just stuff. Going between doing this and that, I might spend 10 min cleaning my room, or checking facebook, or surfing the web, or something. And I guess it adds up. Good job me, and thwarting my own attempts at productivity.

Public vow: I’m depending on everyone of you to hold me to this; AD must consume me.
Mostly. Gotta check on a vector.

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