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Dear Diary…

No, I don’t keep a “diary”.
“Journal” sounds more manly, I think.
I’ve recently turned back to writing in my journal. From what I recollect, I had stopped writing it in consistently when I jumped over into writing this blog. I figured that a lot of the same stuff crossed over, so might as well not waste my time doing both.
It’s been healthy for me to return to it. I think it must have been in the worthless textbook for Health Education that I read that it’s healthy to keep some sort of journal. While not actually tangible, I’ve felt better the past couple days for doing it.
I definitely do write about different things in it. Way back in the day, there wasn’t much of a difference, since it was mostly just recollections of the day’s event, which works fine for either medium, but I’ve since then moved past that, in both. I’m not really sure what I write about in my blog. My policy is kind of outlined in this post, though in my head, there’s a lot of stuff running about that you probably neither care about, nor do I want you to know about (in the most innocent sense).
It’s been a nice release, and I’ve had a couple realizations from writing in my journal again. There’s something about having to force ideas into exact words that gets the brain working at solving things, I guess (if no one’s done research on that one in a couple years, mebbe I’ll get around to it). Or mebbe it’s seeing the words in front of me that helps. In any case, I’ve enjoyed it.
I rarely make requests of my audiences, though I recommend that you write in a journal if you don’t regularly. I can usually find time write before I go to sleep to do it. Write whatever comes to mind, because if you’re ‘nething like me, the “big questions” and “issues” are what you think about at night, instead of the little crap like school and such during the day. Mebbe it’ll work out for you too.

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