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Almost Done

How sad, yet not. Marching band, in another 2 weeks, will become another memory. After I turn in my uniform after the last game, I’ll let out a long sigh of relief as my schedule suddenly lightens up. Then immediately, I’ll anxiously await the next year.
So it’s been two weeks, almost, but I’m sure that almost no one cares since no one reads ‘neways, so it’s not a big deal.
The “All the King’s Men” test was most definitely a humongous object of worry this past week, though oddly ’nuff, I ended up on higher grades on both halves than I do on most. Go figure.
Advice to all in Jr year Shellum: b4 every test, find your favorite senior who had shellum the year before, make them your best friend for a day, and wring them for all they can ‘member about the test from the year before, for evidently, she has used the same tests for the past 2 decades. Fortunately, a timely chat with Mr. Crockett and a book filled with tabs and notes from 3 previous shellum students got me great grades for both tests. I was proud, though honestly, it wasn’t really my work.
Even though I do feel sorry for some ppl for how they did (not those who b*tch about getting a 90, though), I find it interesting that for once, when someone says they bombed a test, they really mean it. When both grades added together don’t get you a passing grade, that’s a problem. How fortunate it wasn’t me.
So Taylor drops another game in one that I could’ve sworn we had in the pocket. I think that this game against Strake is a a sign that god hates us, or something. Either that, or Taylor was never meant to go to playoffs. It was much to darn close for ‘nething other than divine intervention.
Janda claimed the show yesterday was incredible, as did a lot of parents, though I don’t think so. True, it’s improved significantly, but it’s not even close to where it needs to be. Perhaps I romanticize the past two years, but we just haven’t been meeting the same standards of years past. It’s disappointing, but at least I’ve got another year. I must say, it must suck to be a JET band senior this year after the past two.
Both Johnson and Tim made it back for the 8th grade game, which was interesting. I think I could’ve made a better effort to reach out to the 8th graders, but oh well. Too late for that.
Anna’s party was quite a bit of fun, getting a chance to talk to Tim and Johnson, and test my skills at Halo 2. Trey and Joe were truly humbling at Halo 2, and my eyes burned after that last game. I guess console gaming isn’t for me. Oh, and there really isn’t much better than a cripple playing DDR.
CS has definitely taken an interesting turn. Due to wvr circumstances, I’ve ended up with quite a bit of work to get the contest ready. Disappointing that the marching constest should conflict so much with our contest, but wvr. It’s been interesting, for even as much work as it is, it’s been quite nice to have the opportunity to almost exclusively pick and regulate the contest. At computer science contests, there are a bunch of 3 man teams that are given a packet of 20 or so problems that they need to write programs to solve, ranging from simple math to guiding a mouse through a maze. This year, we’re running a “Willie’s Halloween” theme, so just about every problem has Willie in it, from him baking a pie to collecting pumpkins to trick-or-treating. As I said, it’s been quite a bit of work, but it’s always nice to have things my way. Mr C is apparently new at this TCEA stuff, so he’s really let me run the show. I hope I’m doing a good job.

EDIT: I’d like to take a moment to congratulate the smartest historical figure ever; Mother Ann Lee, leader of the Shakers who were against sex. Good job making sure you have ppl around to carry it on.

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