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Same Story, Different Viewpoint

So just like every other member of the JET band, about all I can ‘member is Saturday (other than a business venture with Evan the day b4, but I’m sure most don’t care about that).
Morning started out… “interesting”. Got a ride from Willie… literally. It was freaking scary. Fortunately, Willie wasn’t that bad. Only 1 very scary moment.
Because of Willie’s usual lack of punctuality, I got there late, which subsequently caused an indirect statement from Janda as to the punctuality of DIs, a bit of questioning from the section, and a bit of chewing out from LC for not getting cases out (sorry).
That morning, I discover that apparently someone has removed the stick up Janda’s butt… and replaced it with the whole eff-ing tree. He wasn’t happy, and for good reason (but I resolve to continue to avoid that matter).
Instrument status was interesting. Of the 11, 3 were busted (unplayable), so 2 of the tubas (1 failed, so he doesn’t count) had to go instrumentless. And Neil found out that the cheap sousas we got from Mayde were about as sturdy as I should have known from its weight. I swear, that bell literally bent like rubber. After horrifically watching as he managed to, with extreme ease, pull the bell and create a crease running from the edge all the way in, I vehemently insisted that it never happen again. Too bad my section doesn’t listen to me more often. I think we’ll have 4 instruments on the DL (disabled list, not drumline) very soon (along with the concert horn I practice with).
The marching show went interestingly. The music went about how it has been AKA not together, though according to Janda, worse than usual. From where I was, the drill was better, with my section making fewer mistakes than normal and what I felt was a solid performance on my part. Oddly ’nuff, Janda declined to comment on the performace afterwards. I found this suspicious, though I think it could go either way. If we had heard we had gotten p00ned by Cinco (or if by some miracle, we had owned them), it probably would have distracted from the evening game. In about 12 hrs, I’ll know. Fun.
Even though Janda insisted that we not mingle with the Cinco kids, I managed to catch a couple of the tubas that I knew, and we chatted. I found it quite interesting how, face to face, our 2 tuba sections were very friendly to each other and seemed to connect very well. Later, at the game, our tubas were blasting and dancing like madmen in an attempt to show up Cinco. Even though Louie by itself is enough, at least we had fun doing stupid stuff.
So far, every blog entry I’ve read has made a mention how we managed to viciously attack the school that we played against saturday night to the point where the area of eternal damnation was forced out (I refuse to use the now trite phrase). Forgive me, but we didn’t. I don’t think a 6-0 win warrants that strong of language. It was a very defensive game, with only 2 scoring plays (both kicks, obviously), so I doubt that we really released the underworld through assault. Regardless, the game was tons of fun, for just about everybody was much more into it than normal.
I really hope that that continues next week however. As far I as know, our true nemesis is Katy, not Cinco. Cinco is our fake nemesis, just because they’ve done everything possible to piss us off the past couple years that we have a very basic level of hatred for them. Katy is the true enemy; they’re the ones that are more opposites of us. I hope we haven’t forgotten that.
BTW, Cinco continues to try and build a true rivalry between us. This year, they managed to overextend their halftime show and cut into our time. We were pretty cheesed. It seems like the sort of thing that seems to “happen” with Cinco.
So that halftime show went by interestingly as well. From where I was, the halftime show was a mess, and Disco Inferno was absolutely terrible. And we didn’t march our whole show. And I think we kinda got shown up when Cinco did flanks in their jazz run(at least it looked like it from where I was) and actually performed well. Oh well.
I thought it was pretty darn awesome though when the football players cheered for us on our way out. It seemed kind of backwards, but it was really nice to know we’re appreciated. Besides, it fit the spirit of it ‘neways.
And no, I don’t have terets, or some weird mental disorder. When I was blinking a lot at the end of the day, it was just my contacts irritating me.

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