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Almost Gone…

Well, in about 12 hrs, I’m gonna be leaving for Hong Kong. Exciting stuff, eh? Should be interesting… only started packing a couple hours ago. It’s odd, because in my family, we usually start packing a week in advance, but this time… as I shuffled through the vast array of junk(I realize now how much of it is junk) in my room, the only things I really ended up stuffing in my bag are a cd player, cds, a deck of cards… and reading materials. Lots of reading material. It really puts it all in perspective. I mean, here, all I really do is 1) use the computer, 2) eat, 3) sleep, 4) hang out with friends, and 5) read. I do spend a ridiculous amount of time of the computer, which I’m sure is really bad. Wonder where the time goes. I mean, I really have been playing fewer games lately(which says A LOT about how much I used to play), I only have a smattering of ppl I actually talk to online, and I really don’t surf the net much. Where does the time go?!?
So if you haven’t heard, me, Willie, and DNev are doing a science project this summer to submit to some scholarships and crap, though we’ve definitely snagged our collective sweater on a nail: what are we doing? The past winners have all done stuff that helps ppl(like clothes to monitor health, tsunami warning, etc), not the interesting stuff like quantum computers, space travel, transporters, etc. So, we’re like, “whats there to do?” Well, Willie couldn’t shut up about implants and cryogenic freezing, so we had to knock those out(too… not a good project). We moved on to consider energy sources, like Thermal Depolymerization(got it out of a “Discover”; basically, it takes ‘nething, from turkey guts to old computers, grind it to pieces, processes it, and comes out with relatively clean burning oil, minerals, pure water, fertilizer, etc. It’s ridiculous: for every say, 15 BTUs to run it, it makes 100!), but there wasn’t enough information on it. Next came fuel cells, but it seemed a bit too obvious. Now we’re considering Robotic Surgery. ‘Neone for ideas?
Take just a moment and laugh at Aditya for jumping in a pool… with his cell phone in his pocket(Royce moment!).
Well, don’t think ‘nething has happened, so yeah. Bye for a week, and enjoy your summer.

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hmmm… i’m not sure what you would want to do… i’m probably just going to continue with my facial recognition thing… its actually pretty interesting

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