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Another Week of Summer…

Well, I’m still up, anxiously waiting till midnight to see my SAT II results on (jerks better put it up at midnight…). This is crucial stuff, I gotta know…
Found a recording of the Blue Devils’ Channel One Suite on their website,, if you want to listen. Very interesting, very exciting stuff, though I can distinctly see the tuba part being not so exciting. This is one of those times I wish I hadn’t switched away from trumpet… it’s gonna be awesome.
Well, today has been highly uneventful, though yesterday was a blast. Woke up around 8 to go with my sister, Emily, Julie, Evan, and Ian to see the LotR exhibit at the HMNS. Definitely interesting, very well worth it. Quite interesting to see how they do the “hobbits are short” trick(no, I won’t tell you, go to the exhibit!). It’s pretty ridiculous how much work and money and stuff they put into making the entire moobie. Almost makes it seem like a waste… We got done around noon(and Emily had to come back ‘neways), and since Evan and Ian weren’t doing ‘nething, they came over to hang out all afternoon. Played a bit of Magic, watched a bit of Dilbert, and played A LOT of counterstrike. My eyes hurt so much, but I kept going, passing through several map rotations. Unfortunately, now Ian is seriously hooked, and I’m scared. They both had to go home before nightfall unfortunately, for they have both left this morning to go to Cello camp(Evan) and UM Army(Ian). Sad, though I did get DS9 season 1 from Ian. I know I’m a loser.
So summer’s been interesting. There’s always this confusion of interest, whether to actually be productive, or numb my mind or something on the computer. Guess which is winning? Fortunately(other than today), I’ve managed to keep a somewhat reasonable sleep schedule, getting my full time from about 11 to 10. It feels so good to be getting all this sleep after school ended… and they say you grow more while sleeping ‘neways, so there’s no conflict of interest. Except for mebbe my mom. Reminds me of when my aunt was talking about my cousin’s sleeping habit… “If you miss breakfast, okay. If you miss lunch, I can put up with that, but when you start missing dinner…”
Oh, and due to the apparent lack of interest in Dixon Dills’ story, he has died. So sad. Interesting what happens when you have spontaneous writing(though I’m sure a lot of you do it all the time on those in-class essays…)
I really want to see Batman. ‘Neone got ‘ne quick reviews for me to determine whether it’s worth wasting a moobie coupon on?
Still another hour or so to go until I can check for results. Time for some more Enemy Territory…

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