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Summer… stuff

Well, my firefox cookies aren’t right or something, and Blogger can’t seem to get this right, so I’m using IE right now *shock* *runs away*.
So ‘neways, let’s see… my mom got me started in this thing called “Exam Club” run by TestMasters. While usually they do classes, etc etc, this way, I (well, my mom) pays less than half of that and I get to go in and take tests on my own time(apparently it lasts until I graduate). It sucks.
See, the nearest location is in Bellaire, so its a 1/2 hr drive just to go out there… where I sit in a room with some other ppl stuck to the same fate for 3-4 hrs and take a test. No monitors nothing. So the fact that I’m doing this basically on my own will makes it worse. The upshot is that I’m doing pretty well already, so it’s not like I have to do a lot of other work to study up as well. I guess it’s something to do this summer.
In other news, I managed to watch an entire season of DS9 this week. I know, I have a lot of spare time. Even with the SAT practice.
Yesterday was Aditya’s b-day party. Headed out to LQ with them and played a round. Didn’t do that bad for not having gone since jr high band(at the least, I beat everyone else of our group). LQ is one of those really awesome things you just don’t get around to doing. So sad. On the otherhand, it’s 7.50 for less than half an hour, making it way less economical than a moobie, which we all know is a big rip-off as well. *shrugs*
Headed back to his place where we hung for a bit, playing games, etc. We watched Mystery Men, a hilarious moobie that I had already seen, but caught a couple more jokes I hadn’t b4. Btw, if ‘neone knows what “Zei gezunt” means, plz tell me.
Ate the richest ice-cream cake I’ve ever had too. It was soo good, but I know I just lost a couple weeks off my life.

In ‘ne case, I’ve definitely hit the summer roadblock. It’s that point where you’ve got so much free time, pretty much everything is boring. Playing games, watching DS9, chatting online, surfing the net, etc is all great, but you just don’t feel like doing it. Even worse is all the stuff I should be doing, yet I don’t feel like, though thats not new. It’s like, I know I’ll enjoy watching DS9 or practicing my tuba, but I just don’t feel like going through the effort to do it (Of course, I know many who are plagued by this laziness all the time, so mebbe it isn’t so bad, but still). And then there’s the awful dread for things like library volunteer duty and SAT practice, yet once I’m through it, I realize it’s not that bad. *shrugs*
Perhaps something exciting will come up for me to do(if ‘neone has ‘ne ideas, I’ve got lots of time).

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i’m doing pretty well avoiding the SAT practice stuff… well, we shall see how long it lasts though

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