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(Basically) Over

In just a couple more days, it’s back to band.
Quick story: So one of my little fishies calls me today and asks me(after I have a minor wtf is he calling me moment in my head) if we’ve gotten our music yet. Sorry, no luck this time…

This summer was, in the end, pretty generic. Fun, not as productive as anticipated, and way too short. I didn’t get to see as many ppl as I had hoped, mainly sticking to the same crowd AKA Willie(Thank you willie for never actually going ‘newhere!), Albie, Aditya, and so on. I definitely had hoped to spend more time with my friends, but you know how that goes.
On the otherhand, this summer has been very economic, which is good. I think the most I spent on a group outing was… 7.50 at laserquest. I’m so glad fun is cheap, assuming you do it right. Well ‘neways, back to now.
So a couple days ago, my sister walks in and throws a letter on my bed, addressed from the Jandas. Hmm… opening, I receive a birthday party invitation… on my birthday.

Dang, OOC.
Actually, I had known about this, as on a previous occasion, Jane told me that she was going to use my(and Andy’s) day to have her party, but really didn’t sink in. I don’t think there’s a law against it, but I’m pretty sure the court will side with me on attempted murder with intent to prevent an insulting celebration held by my ex-girlfriend.
Well, mebbe they won’t, but now I think about it, it hurts. Here *points at elbow*. Now to consider whether to go or not. And what present would be appropriate.

So my mom left last wednesday… which means party? I’ve noticed that since she left, several things have occured.
1)General quality of food/leftovers has been severely compromised. Ravioli, hot pockets, and chicken nuggets only last so long, for none of us actually care ’nuff to cook for real.
2)Consumption of ice cream has greatly increased. So at the before my mom leaves, we have a full tub of neopolitan ice cream in the freezer. About 3 days later when I go for my first run on it, I find myself contemplating whether it’s half full or half empty.
3)I feel like I’m in the only semi-okay Maculy Culkin flick ever. I wake up, and both of my sisters have deserted me with the cars to go to work. Being home alone certainly isn’t a bad thing(though in reality, our family tends to have little interaction, so it’s about the same), though it’s spookily quiet. And the A/C freaks me out everytime it turns on.
4)Not having to wake up at 830 for 4 hrs of SAT practice. Fun!
It’s been interesting.

So my tuba lesson this week was pretty… interesting. With both of my sister’s at work, my tuba teacher had to come to my house to have the lesson, but his motorcycle is totally busted, so he bums a ride with his girlfriend over. So for a good part of the lesson, we were working on the piece he assigned me: Variations on… Pop Goes the Weasel. Well, that’s not the exact title, but it’s the tune to. Oddly ’nuff, it’s a class 1 solo as well. ‘Neways, so I’m playing that, and then he’s like, “Dude, you need some performance practice. We need to get you a pianist, then have a recital where all your friends and my tuba buddies come and listen to you play this.”
Hooooly Crap.
I might have laughed if I didn’t know he was being completely serious. Well, I manage to dissuade him from that idea, and instead, now he wants to throws master classes at the band hall for all the JET Band brass kids every other sunday. He definitely needs to calm himself.

So a couple days ago, some of the guys came over to swim(except for that loser kid who goes by “Chief”. *shakes head* what a loser), and jason brings along his Harry Potter book so I can read it(as he, along with every other person in the world, finished it in the 1st 2 days, and had his copy available). I’m like, “Cool, I’ll bite”. I soon came to realize I was a victim of peer pressure. See, I didn’t really want to read it, but everyone was doing it.
It sounds worse that way, doesn’t it?
‘Neways, if you either a)haven’t read it and don’t want spoilers or b)don’t give a care about my review/speculation on it, don’t read the next paragraph. Or the rest of my post. Which is basically the same thing. …yeah.

So this book was pretty typical for a HP book. Nothing happens for 600 or so pages, and everyone is happy and not worried, and then rising action / miniclimax / complication / climax / falling action happens in about 50, all while HP is like, “sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, we’re screwed!” Past the expected slow/lengthy start, this one was just weird. I realize how much Rowling tried to tone it down, but HP needs to keep his pants on(forgive the expression). After that first scene where HP catches Ginny and Dean(Dean Thomas=trumpetguy.reverse), I was like, “Dang, that’s crucial”. While kids may be immature enough to just kind of gaze over it and adults may be mature enough to underemphasize it as well, I couldn’t take it. True, the boy’s like, 17 by now, but that doesn’t mean we have to hear about it. Pretty pointless diversion, seems to me(unless Ginny gets, like, strangulated by Voldy or something in #7). ‘Neways, so at the end, we got the typical monologue b4 the big fight/kill as Dumbledore is like, “You can kill me”. Pretty pointless as well. Thank goodness for Snape having some initiative. And the end was not suspenseful at all. Breaking up with Ginny is meaningless, as he’s made his feelings quite clear and the minor separation won’t save her, and his promises for 7 don’t have me jumping out of my seat. And as hard as she tried, it wasn’t dark or sad. Sorry. Oh, and personal theory: I think that Snape is some triple agent or something, and Dumbledore may have planned to have himself killed by Snape, just to throw a bit of support for Snape’s efforts. Dumbles seems to be the only intelligent character in the book, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt(Wondering if ‘neone will care ’nuff to comment on this theory…) End.

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dude you just ruined the book… jk, umm i am totally bored… so i read your blogger… i prefer the xanga over it but it was interesting held my attention for a whole minute maybe two.

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