New Year's Goals

To Prove I’m just as dumb as everyone else…

Last year’s hopesHow did that turn out?Study More: In a way. As school work goes, I’m studying smarter, not harder.Practice More: Definitely. I feel way better about how much I’ve improved my tuba-ing this year. Though apparently I was still one card too short of a deck of cards. But I’ll blame that on Mr. […]

high school life New Year's Goals

Resolutions, Schmesolutions

I could “scrooge” the time-honored tradition of New Year’s Resolutions, but I know other can more effectively ridicule the process (mr. castles), and I don’t think it’s a bad idea on the whole, if perhaps inaccurately named.Encarta Dictionary Tools says that a resolution is “determination: firmness of mind or purpose”. Now, we all know that […]