New Year's Goals

To Prove I’m just as dumb as everyone else…

Last year’s hopes
How did that turn out?
Study More: In a way. As school work goes, I’m studying smarter, not harder.
Practice More: Definitely. I feel way better about how much I’ve improved my tuba-ing this year. Though apparently I was still one card too short of a deck of cards. But I’ll blame that on Mr. Grange.
Screw Around Less: That was kind of a dumb one. If I’m doing more of the other stuff, there are still only 24 hrs in a day.
Find More Productivity Outside of School: AD.
Go to Sleep Earlier: Miserable failure. My bedtime, generally, sits somewhere in the 11-12 range. Very rarely earlier, never later (by conscious decision).
Being Nicer: You tell me.

Looking at that list, I think I did a pretty good job, but all of that really came after junior year ended, so to say that having those hopes caused me to change is faulty logic. I’m calling common response, on this one. These are just things I know I should do more of, and I said so, then got around to doing it in a separate action.
Regardless, the title so says that I must continue, so…

Exercise More
This one doesn’t sound that hard, because in truth, I really enjoy playing sports and doing athletic stuff. Screw the fact that I pretty much suck at it. Marching is over, and I need something to keep me physically active.

Uh, I think that’s about it, off the top of my head. The other stuff wouldn’t really count as a typical NYH, since it wouldn’t be a change.
Just keep swimming…

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