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Yes, a truly American holiday: Day After ThanksGiving Sale.
I find it interesting (and I talked about it with my mom and sister in the car) how it seems like this unofficial holiday almost trumps Christmas itself. I know that at least in my family (and according to various other ppl), Christmas is just the day. All the real gift-giving and such occurs way in advance, for you might as well go out and find the deal on what you want, get it, and get paid back for it. Doesn’t make good economical sense for someone to surprise you under the tree with something you either don’t want/spent too much on.
You know you’re in the US when the joy of frugality exceeds the joy of giving.
But I guess that’s the evolution of holidays. Even Thanksgiving itself is no longer truly about giving tahnks, but simply to ingest enormous amounts of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, etc. until filled for a 2-month hibernation (on a similar note, apparently turkey contains some chemical that actually causes us to become sleeping), and then watching football.
I’m not complaining at all; I delight in the festivities. I eagerly anticipated Thankgiving… so I could look at the ads in the morning for the sale. Waking up at 4:30 in the morning, I join my mom and sister in a yearly ritual to find the “best deal”. And I know I’m not alone in this thinking. Just ask ones of the hundreds of other ppl lined up outside of best buy, circuit city…
It was funny though, since my sister went to get a jacket at Kohl’s. I just slept in the car, but apparently there were some pretty vicious moms who literally trampled into the store for 50% toys.
So as far as my purchases went, I managed to HL2 (w00t) which I am quite excited about.
Wait, no. I didn’t get it; my sisters did, for me.

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