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Friday Night with Nothing to Do…

Sad, isn’t it?
I was in the car, going home with a couple leeches as well, and I’m like, “Is something going on today? It’s Friday and I don’t have ‘nething planned.” So instead, I just took a nice 2 hour nap to push me through this night…
STAR WARS was awesome!!! (many thanks to bobby for)
I have never felt myself as loser as going to the midnight premiere; then doing homework in line. So ‘neways, I went with Garrett, Aditya, Neville, Willie, and Ryan to the 12:05 showing of Star Wars Episode 3: The Revenge of the Sith. Being in line was quite hilarious with all the people dressed up, ranging from Boba Fett to Darth Vader to a Jewish Rebel Pilot(ok, mebbe he wasn’t Jewish, but I swear his “helmet” looked like a skullcap) to a trashcan-looking R2. As I discovered, quite a few people I knew also attended, a non-surprising fact. Sipping a coke to keep myself up, I managed to stay fairly awake through the entire night, though I must say, coke runs through you REALLY fast, making the moobie a little uncomfortable after about the first 1/2 hr. In ‘ne case, it was pretty awesome. Lots and lots of fights, and very dark. Exactly what I was hoping for. On the otherhand, there were some really bizarre moments that really didn’t work, like the beginning, with “Kill him. Do it”(Fin moment!) to Vader’s cry of anguish that simply came off as hilarious. The script was none better-written this round, with absolutely terrible moments between Padme and Anakin (though Hayden might also be partly to blame). Time didn’t make a heck of a lot of sense either as usual. And people just died left and right real quick(It was outta control!). Past that, I think they tied up a lot of loose ends with this moobie, and I figure that a majority of the community was satisfied with it(which is more than I can say for I & II).
After going to sleep at 4, Thurday wasn’t half as bad as I thought it’d be. I guess it’s okay to pull one of those every once in awhile, though sucks to be you who does it every night…
Exams started with a humongous confidence booster in English, perhaps the biggest joke ever. Vocab was easy(as to be predicted), quotes were few, MC were pretty predictable, and the essays… will go unread ‘neways. So for all those who have Helmcamp, don’t worry a bit(if it means ‘nething, even Athena “claimed” to be okay with it, so ya). Heard History was a joke too, straight from the review, so that one should be fine. I’m still worried about chem, though. I’ve got 91, 88, 92, so I have to do pretty darn well to hang on. Exempting both Monday and Tues morning, so I get to sleep in then… what’s up with exams being easy?


He quietly opened the door to the “Bunny Cradle”, attempting to make as little disturbance as possible. The smoke filed his nasal cavity, blessing him with the smell of cigarettes instead of the B.O. of many unshowered men. Pool balls knocked together, mugs were clunked around, and music played above all other sounds. Wondering what he would find here, Dixon sauntered over to the bar, taking a seat isolated from the others.
“What can I get for ya?” the bartender called over his shoulder while cleaning out one of the mugs.
“Prune juice. Warm, not chilled,” he responded smuggly.
The bartender stopped for a moment, then turned toward him, embers burning in his eyes. “How dare you bring your sorry butt in here and order something like that! You come to an honorable estab-“
CRACK, cried the baseball bat as it collided with the back of an unsuspecting man’s head, ensuing into another bar fight.
The bartender paused again. “Okay, whatever, need to get rid of it ‘neways,” he finished, moving into the stockroom to grab the unopened crate.
“Mr. Dills, I’m surprised to see you back here again,” called out a familiar voice from behind him.
Dixon turned as Mr. Knuckles greeted him as well.

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i found this from your profile… and I went to see star wars last night. I thought it rocked, but I think George Lucas is to blame for the lame attempts at romantic scenes. I mean, those were about the cheesiest lines ever “i love you” and “no, I love you!!” = lame! He’s only good at special effects and can’t write worth crap, and what he does write is action and dark stuff, not love. Otherwise SW3 was awesome.


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