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if(school.isOver()) Kevin.isHappy(true);

Wow. School is over. That’s it. Sophmore yoear is done. Disappeared. A memory. The past. Old story.
Sucks doesn’t it?

I must say, this year has been a very eventful year, from area marching to being in WE with Tim, to making(and winning with) the UIL CS team, to meeting a lot of fish, to making some new really good friends, to joining the tuba section, to Star Wars, to having Fin(to having my OWN Fin stories to tell now), to the most awesome W Hist class ever, to making DI(story about this later), to KOTOR II(okay, mebbe that wasn’t that notable, but still), to making region band; sort of, to Nerd Football(tomorrow, 10 AM at the game field/track at Taylor) to Andy leaving, to picking up Magic(is that a good thing? hmm…), to David and Ankita, to… wait(hmm…. interesting…) to NOT being a fish ‘nemore, to actually spending time with my friends this year, to Mr. Hobi and Rendawg leaving, to Holycross(agh!!!!), to keeping my grades for another year, to having the most awesome tenth grade I will ever have. I hope.

Another wow for what I need to do this summer.
But first, some anecdotes.

So Saturday, I messed around until mid-afternoon when I headed up with my family to join Evan’s family and some other family friends at Galveston. Watched “National Treasure”, which sucked in a typical overly dramatic but perfectly predictable Disney fashion. After that, played Cranium forever. That game does take forever. I got paired up with a guy named Phillip who I had never met before. Ironically, Cranium requires an intimate knowledge of how your partner thinks, yet we won. Go figure.
Sunday, my sister had her grad party. Willie and Truby and Albie and Julie and Evan(darn you Evan for having a non-rhyming name) came over, and we threw a mini-LAN party playing some Richochet and CS 1.5. Good times…
Watched the season finale of “House” all by myself(Nicole was off working at California Pizza Kitchen). Quite good in my opinion, but I love the show ‘neways. Did you know that Hugh Laurie(Gregory House) is British? Dam, his American accent is good
Exams were easier than I thought. English was a joke, but that was predictable. Exempted French, took Chemistry(which I had failed to study for until during the grad party) which was surprising familiar, exempted Alg, took CS(which was surprising short), took Band(Nice essay… Derek), finished with History which was easy. The only worry spot had been Fin, but I went for my grade today and I had made a 97 on his exam! giving me a 92 for semester. Thank Goodness.
Starcraft is back in season. Played a couple times this week, and actually did a lot better than I thought. Always helps to have good teammates though…
Okay, so I was supposed to phone 4 tubas this afternoon. #1 was a machine, #2 was a mom, #3 was the wrong number apparently(though I cross-checked it with the white pages and it checked out. *shrugs*), and #4 was some kid who had no clue what I was talking about. Dam, darn fish are way too good for me; they have a social life. I’m screwed.
Got a new pair of contacts today, and they felt surprisingly good. Contacts are 10 billion times superior to glasses.

So this summer should be interesting. Got New Marchers next week, which should be really awesome. It’s going to feel so good to get back in the feel for marching. And to be a DI. Weekend right after I have the SAT II Chem, which I should really be studying for. Scoring around 670 right now, though if I actually look on the sections about organic chem and lab setups, I should be well above 700. Leaving for Hong Kong for a week with my entire family, then coming back. For the real work.
As of right now, I plan to study with Kosine every other day for AD, work with a Science Project team every other other day(they look good for scholarships and science fairs), practice tuba, ride my bike for real cardio, hang out with my friends every day, and study for PSAT and SAT. Gonna be awesome. Most of it won’t happen though.

This is really long, so I won’t burden you with a story chunk(actually, just me lazy). STORYTIME coming soon.

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There’s a big booboo in my pseudocode header. Cool(well, probably loser) points for whoever can find it. And I realized this is really that long. Whatever.

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