Great Blue Unknown

“I don’t like this, Captain. He sends us on an ambiguous journey into the middle of the ocean where ships have been lost, and expects a bunch of privateers to do his bidding. I think he’s trying to off us,” finished McKidd. He had been Jenkins’ first mate since the Hind had been in the service of the Royal Navy.
Jenkins looked up from his charts for a moment to get a read from his first mate standing in front of his desk. He grunted, then went back to his charts. After a minute, he broke the silence.
“You know I’m just as concerned as you are. Unfortunately, we’re in a danger business. If we don’t follow orders, we’re as good as dead. You know that our relationship with the Royal Navy is of convenience, and they’d just as soon sink us if we no longer were of use to them. And so, where the Admiral points, we go. Besides, this could be interesting. I’m inclined to believe these reports of land are true, and if so, there are two possibilities. One, we face a danger and experience unlike many have experience, and either die in perhaps the greatest adventure of our life, or live to tell tales of our exploits for years.” He thought about this for a moment, then regained his focus on charting out the ship’s path.
“And the second?”
Jenkins smiled at the idea. “Either they can’t come back, or they don’t want to come back. Perhaps we find a paradise unlike any man has ever seen, one that no man will dare leave. In that case, we’re in good shape.”
“I wish I had your optimism, sir.” He stood in silence for awhile longer. “Regardless, we should be there on schedule.”
“Excellent. You are dismissed.”

(Author’s Note: Sorry, short entry. I have to do some research. Ugh. I’ll be back, and if it ever takes me more than 2 weeks to post, harrass me and I’ll keep going. I might need some prodding when school begins. And comments are good.)

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“Several ships have been lost in the southern Atlantic, as you likely know, almost directly between Bermuda and the Ivory Coast.”

This may be a minor detail, but both the Bermuda Islands and Côte d’Ivoire lie in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Dang it. I knew that (looked at a map to figure out where I wanted to put the area, and relative places). Thanks.

I figure ‘neone who cares enough to harass me about it (like you) would be smart enough to read the comments too. Besides, who gives what happens in this blog? Not like ‘neone reads it. I promise you, if this story suddenly becomes extremely visible, I will fix it.

“…and if it ever takes me more than 2 weeks to post, harrass me and I’ll keep going.”

Consider this your harassment.

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