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Before, I get started, major props to Fairley for successfully (hidden, as well) putting cee equals three into a computer science program for the class (if you don’t get it, imagine those 3 characters in your head…)

So, there’s a game Saturday(and a party friday, but I’ll get to that later).
Get there, troubles blah blah blah, entire tuba section late (not at all my fault *cough*). Janda’s got a stick up his butt, as usual around this time of year, though completely understandable. I try not to moan and b*tch in this, so I won’t, simply saying that the band has not performed to similar standards of years past. Continuing, I find out that my 3rd valve is busted, so I’m harassing Janda to let me go back to the band hall, so I can get to his pliers to fix it and get my tuba on the truck in time, though he won’t let me go, which I later find out is because I got marcher of the week.
Apparently, all that running and hurrying and telling others to hurry isn’t as important as he says. About all I think that I did differently that week was yell at ppl more to be aware of drill and forms.
So the game is pretty darn hot. I can’t imagine what it would have been like playing on the field, but we were suffering in the stands. And we have another 2 2:00 games coming up (katy & strake), but by then, I hope the temps dropped a bit more.
The show was good from my viewpoint, though the video would suggest otherwise. A lot of work to be done.
Just about the most awesome thing was definitely after the game. See, on apparently a random whim, Chris P decides that the tuba section needs to silly string Mr. Grange (cuz we love him so much). So there’s a lot of preparation for it, with plans to ambush after the huddle and all… but no huddle and a bit of rain. We almost called it off, to pack up sousas, but at the last second, someone’s like, “I see Grange!”
So just about the whole section just stops packing (more on that later) and runs off in that direction. We see Grange about to get on a bus, so with our removed jackets, we hide the silly string and encircle him. Neil cuts off the door, and we prepare the surprise. Went kinda like this:

*Tuba section running in as me and neil delay for them to get there*
Me: So, Mr Grange… what did you think of the tuba visual at the end of the second movement?
Grange: I thought it was awesome (meanwhile, I’m shaking my can behind my jacket, which must have looked awkward). We’re going to teach it to the whole band.
Me: Do you know what else is awesome?
*I bust out the can, Grange’s eyes go wide, Pompeii explodes*
I must say, I have not had quite so much raw fun in awhile. Even though my can (due to its age) conked out of pressure/gas about halfway through, it was still awesome. And Crump now has some artwork in its parking lot.
After that, Bailey comes up to me, and is all “you guys need to pack before you start screwing around, the band is late now, don’t do it again”. So I put on my best serious face and give him a solid won’t happen again. I always feel bad after I lie in a serious manner. Oh well.

So ’bout that party… tuba party friday night. Notable absentees of most honoraries, Lee, and one who we weren’t at all disappointed in missing. I thought it went well ’nuff for a party at my house, since I’m not very good at throwing parties. Got to watch “Wayne’s World”, which, at times, was funny, though overall, not as good as I would’ve hoped. Played quite a bit of pool, and pretty much p00ned. Laughed at Chris for losing by default about 5 times in a row. It was really odd though, for most ppl had left by, like, 1030, ‘cept Grant and Anna, so we just played pool and talked. Looked at my watch a little bit later, and it’s 12:23. Woah. That’s a lot of pool and chitchat.

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